How to Register A Child Sex Trafficking Offender in Your State

herriott registered tennessee sex offender
IS THIS LEGAL?  If John Herriott Registered Tennessee Sex Offender  forgets to file his mandatory out-of-state registration forms for his vacation home how can a private citizen force him to comply? By posting an online request to John Herriott registered Tennessee sex offender reminding him of his statutory obligations. Mr. Herriott probably does not have to also register as a child sex offender in Colorado when he is at his vacation home skiing. Colorado only requires registration of violent pedophiles. I guess Mr. Herriott has a grace period in Colorado, they only notice the really violent stuff out there.

Mr. Herriott is lucky he has a detail-oriented Los Angeles litigation paralegal like me to slander and defame by falsely broadcasting that there is restraining order against me. Hey John: Anytime you want me to publish a retraction of your misrepresentations about me, just email it to me.

"What a state I'm in" -John Herriott
John Herriott registering in a state of confusion

Create one long key word for your post: “herriott registered tennessee sex offender”

Will it work? In a few days type the search terms “herriott registered tennessee sex offender” into your Google search bar. This post will be at the top of the organic rankings in your search results. Therefore this blog will become a de facto child trafficking sexual conviction registration of John Herriott registered Tennessee sex offender. This post is not actually claiming that Herriott has officially registered, only that Herriott may be legally obligated to register as an out-of-state offender. This puts the onus on the defendant. Make the other guy pay for the wall. 

Is this legal?  Who knows and who the hell cares, it’s up to Herriott and his lawyers if they have a problem with it. It is not legal for John Herriott to maintain a presence in the State of Tennessee without registering as a sex offender. What I really want to know is what state Mr. Herriott’s driver’s license is issued in.  If Mr. Herriott is in possession of a Tennessee driver’s license then he is definitely in violation of Tennessee law.

Herriott Registered Colorado Sex Offender?

In a few days anyone in the State of Colorado searching for information on unregistered sex offenders will be able to find this article. There are concerned citizens in Colorado that want all sex offenders to be registered just like they are in California and Tennessee. John Herriott has failed to register in Tennessee so how many more states might he have failed to properly register in?  New York, Illinois, Arizona? There is much work to be done here.  Is this legal? . . .

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herriott registered tennessee sex offender