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california desert photo album


Sixteen Large jpg Files of
the California Desert
Just Because They Look Good Together


Ripped and culled from the Internet California desert by a coyote hit squad. Nobody ever tells the coyote side of the story. The Indians stole the desert from the coyotes and the coyotes want it back.

Interstate Highway 15 eastbound in California, approaching the boundary with Nevada.

This sign is emblazoned in my twelve year-old memory. I used to stare at it for hours driving through the desert with my family. I named my first garage band “Zzyzx Road”. You’ve probably never heard us. Lucky you. 


Did the coyotes get gambling rights as reparation for stolen land like the Cahuilla Indians did?

The California desert is one big land swindle. Squatters rule. Coyotes don’t pay rent.

Freedom is not owning anything. Living in an R-Villa. Living in Zuma Bay Villas with Donal O’Rourke. Living in a villa on Rico Road in Palm Springs.

Consciousness is owning everything.

Layering my Sunday morning with the assistance of professional photographers lurking in my Palm Springs neighborhood.

Snapshots with the iPhone?  I practically helped invent selfies. Now that the whole world is publishing selfies I don’t feel like doing it anymore.

These photos are so spectacular and I have all this unlimited Go Daddy managed WordPress hosting to use up.

Feel the desert buzz.

My childhood is about water skiing on Lake Mead.

The desert is my world.

Into the future.


Christmas means spiritual rebirth and transformation to me.  By the Grace of God, my consciousness has a place to live in the California desert. This desert is in my DNA and my soul. The little orange tree in the backyard reminds me of my paternal grandparents and the mountains in the background are my maternal grandparents.  From pre-birth to the grave, this California desert will be with me to the very end of this gift called life.