Yogi Bhajan Did Not Descend From Yoga Lineage Because He Was Not a Vedic Hindu

Yogi Bhajan Was Dalit Not Vedic Hindu

Yogi Bhajan has no hindu blood lineage connection to kundalini yoga because he is a Dalit not a Adivasis. This is very important information that is intentionally omitted from the official 3HO biographies.  Yogi Bhajan was a Sikh outsider.  Kundalini yoga comes from Vedic Hindu religion that is totally separate from Sikh religion.  This simple fact renders Yogi Bhajan a misrepresentational fraud.

Outsider the Hindu Mainstream

Even within Sikhism there is a class stratification.  Punjab Sikhs are above Canadian Sikhs and Canadian Sikhs are above Fresno farmer Sikhs in the breadbasket of California’s Centeral Valley.  When Yogi Bhajan immigrated from India to better himself he landed in Canada first.  When nothing panned out in Toronto, he came to America.  In 1969 the fat and fertile fields of Hollywood Boulevard during the Summer of Love were ripe with hippie outsiders fresh for the picking.


The Advaita Hindu origins of kundalini yoga and the Dalit Sikhism distinction are not discussed in Yogi Bhanjan’s The Aquarian Teacher, the official training manual for kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  The other day I noticed that Tej Kaur’s Nine Treasures website refers to kundalini yoga as “shared” by Yogi Bhajan.  Imagine being an intelligent white turbaned kundalini yogi realizing that you have been duped by a very skillful charlatan.  When Yogi Bhajan and Guru Singh were cooking up Bhajanist kundalini forty years ago they must have never considered what would happen if anyone ever found out about Adivasis yoga vs. Dalit Sikhism.  Maybe they didn’t realize that they would someday be sitting on top of a multi-million dollar corporate empire.

Yogi Bhajan’s Teachers

There is no record of any of Yogi Bhajan’s alleged teachers outside of 3HO or other Bhajanist sources.  Anyone with the last name Singh (Lion) is going to be a Sikh.  Sikhs don’t practice yoga.  Yoga is Hindu or Vedic. There is no “Master of Kundalini Yoga” as represented by Tej Kaur’s website.  Kundalini yoga was actually first brought to America by Saraswati.  There is no Mahan Tantric.  The Bhajanists are misrepresentational in every aspect of their existence.  

sant hazara singh not hindu

Turbans Are Not Hindu

Turbans are a compensatory device adopted by the Sikhs to give themselves credibility and a Hindu vibe.  The kirpans are not very religious.  Every day I am learning a little bit more about Yogi Bhajan.  During the course of any investigation the clean get cleaner and the dirty get dirtier.  I would never again pay money for anything related to Bhajanism.