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Perpetuating the Yogi Bhajan Hoax

Anybody related to white tantric yoga as created by Yogi Bhajan is guilty of perpetuating a fraud.  White tantric yoga is an elaborate hoax created by a Dalit Sikh charlatan born in Pakistan.  The Bhajanists are preying upon the good faith of American yoga practitioners.  Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is inherently fraudulent because it is non-Vedic in bloodline.  Yogi Bhajan claims fraudulent kundalini yoga master lineage from a Dalit Sikh.  Kundalini yoga masters such as Sivananda Saraswati were Adivasis Hindu and not Dalit Sikh.  Yoga West, Guru Singh, Guru Meher and the whole cast of characters are all fakes. 

If you want to be a yoga teacher then say you are a yoga teacher but not a Hindu affiliated guru.  It is time to stop all of this harmful guru worship because it prevents people from finding the truth.  Bhajanists are not even good yoga teachers.  Bhajanists don’t correct students because Yogi Bhajan didn’t know how to correct students.  Bhajanists never come down of the teaching platform because Yogi Bhajan didn’t know how to come down with love and teach real healing yoga.  The whole thing is a scam to get your money. 

Yogi Bhajan Was Not in a Twice Born Group

Yogi Bhajan did not have the ability to do what he said he was because of his birth status. Once you are in one caste you cannot move to another.  Yogi Bhajan is an untouchable.  That makes Guru Singh Dya Kaur untouchables.  If you put on a turban and take kundalini yoga you because a default untouchable.  


Guru Singh and Guru Meher Are Continuing the Hoax

Guru Singh and Guru Meher are quick to claim status an oppressed class.  Guru Meher is not oppressed because he wears a turban.  Guru Meher is oppressed because he is an oppressor.  These gurus are false teachers preventing seekers of the truth from getting a fair deal.  Bhajanism is characterized by the intentional omission of Yogi Bhajan’s Dalit origins.  It is time to tell the world the truth about Adivasas vs. Dalits.

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The Hoax Must Be Exposed

This hoax must end.  I am making it my life’s mission to expose the fraud of Guru Singh and Yogi Bhajan.  This is not real kundalini yoga.  Yogi Bhajan’s teachers do not exist.  It is ridiculous to believe that there is any such thing as the Mahan Tantric.  If there was truly such a lineage, how could it go from a Sikh to a Tibetan and then back to a Sikh?  According to the biography by Tej Kaur, the official custodian of records for 3HO there is Tantric energy that moved from Sant Hazara Singh to a Tibetan named Lilan Po, and then back to a Sikh named Yogi Bhajan.  Sikh’s are not even allowed to be holy men in India.  

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