home steam room

Home Steam Room

Making the Time For the Home Steam Room

This post will expand upon my home steam room concept first discussed a few days ago in my lateral walking blog.

home steam room


With my yoga, calisthenics and other exercises I now only need a gym for the steam room. If I go to the gym I usually injure my shoulders so it is better if I stay out of the gym now that I am a geezer. Therefore instead of paying a monthly fee to have a gym membership just to have a steam room I now leverage my daily shower. I make my daily shower and bathroom into a home steam room. I pay more for hot water every month instead of paying for a gym membership. By staying in the shower a little longer and steaming it up I have my own private steam room. It also suits my nudist lifestyle well.

If your skin is still perspiring from your hot steamy shower after you towel off then you are already taking half of a home steam bath. To make your skin more healthy always take a cold shower after your hot shower.

home steam room

Make Your Shower Into a Home Wellness Center

For me the main thing is just to stay in the shower longer. If I just stay in the shower longer I make my shower into a home wellness center. After my enema, shaving and shower I open the bathroom door before my final rinse to let most of the steam out. Then I take that crucial last hot rinse and then the finishing cold water rinse. Ideally your cold shower should be as long as your hot shower was but I can never do that.

cleanstrream shower enema original packaging

Enema Attachment

Ever since 2013 I have had an enema attachment in my shower. Enema attachments are very inexpensive on Amazon and used by all anal sex professionals. Even if you are not into anal sex an enema attachment is a healthy device.

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