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Holy Family Separated at the Border


Homeless Migrant Vehicle

Due to the outrageous cost of housing in Los Angeles, California I have probably spent an aggregate total of ten years or more living in a van or RV by choice. When I was living in a 34 foot Class “A” bus style recreational vehicle in Malibu, California some people said that I was living like a homeless paralegal migrant and some people said that I was playing the game and winning. When I lived in an RV I always had another utility vehicle for getting around town and going to work in the city with my German shepherd.

homeless migrant van

Call of the Freemasons

In 2008 I fired up that RV and moved to Playa del Rey where I lived at Toes Dunes while studying and earning the degrees necessary to become a Master Freemason. Br. John D. and I both lived in RV’s at the beach while we became Masons. My application for Apprentice Freemason sat on the dining booth table of my RV for weeks because I didn’t think that I was going to write a hefty check and actually apply. The application said that Freemasons would come to my home and interview me so I didn’t think I would be accepted if I was living out of a P.O. Box and RV at the beach with my dog. The application slid around on that RV table for weeks and even fell onto the floor a few times where I forgot about it for a while.

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Brother Mason and Christian Mystic Joel S. Goldsmith

Then one day I was listening to a Joel S. Goldsmith tape wherein Br. Mason Goldsmith talks about the Freemasons being early proponents of avoiding bleached rice and wheat flour in favor of more nutritious brown rice and non-bleached whole grain foods. In that moment I completed my Masonic application, enclosed a fat check, and mailed it in.

Fortuitously, no Freemasons ever contacted me for an interview. Seven months later I received a letter instructing me to appear at the Lodge in Santa Monica. I erroneously believed it was for an interview but quickly realized I was about to be initiated into the Freemasons.

There were two other apprentices initiated the same night that I was, they were both young men in their 20’s. When the first kid was taken away to be blindfolded and initiated the other guy asked me: “What do you think is going on?” I said, “I think we are about to be initiated into the Freemasons.” He said: “No way.” So I asked him, “Did any Freemasons ever come to your abode and interview you?” He said: “Yeah, they came twice and even talked to my wife!” After the three of us were initiated that night I never saw either of those other two EA’s again as I spent the next year becoming a Master Mason.

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The Holy Family Were Homeless Migrants

Baby Jesus was a homeless migrant and the Pilgrims were homeless migrants for a while too. Jesus was homeless for political reasons and so were the Pilgrims. Living a nomadic lifestyle as a financial migrant gave me a much greater appreciation for my life today.

homeless migrant baby jesus
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