How Would You Even Know If You Have Been Brainwashed?

Conspiracy of Sleepwalkers  

calvert pedophile attorney conspiracyYour Alleged “Friends” Are Your Mirror

Are you being subtly programmed by homosexual deviants or are you intentionally participating in a gay criminal conspiracy? A conspiracy conviction for child exploitation or pornography could hypothetically be obtained against all of CMEN for aiding and abetting convicted felon John Herriot in his diversified racketeering influenced criminal organizations.  

You Can’t Say You Didn’t Know: It is not necessary to prove that CMEN attorney Jeff Calvert knew the details of any of the illegal activities of registered child sex offender Herriot and pedophile education promoter Rick Boehle. As an active member of the State Bar of California, Mr. Calvert is held to a higher degree of transparency than the average gay cross-dressing pedophile.

There Is No Restraining Order: Covering up child exploitation by claiming Charles Kenyon has obtained restraining orders preventing human trafficking investigation makes anyone who claims that there is a restraining order subject to investigation for homosexual BDSM leather nudist pedophile trafficking conspiracy. If you have anything to do with Mr. Herriot you may be involved with much more than you are consciously aware of. Your brain and your body may have been hijacked and you can no longer play the “gay card” to get out of jail free.

gay leather conspiracy

Leather Ping Pong: Anyone attending Mr. Herriot’s upcoming “Massage Events” in Palm Springs or Yucca Valley, CA could quite conceivably be examined during investigation of the child human trafficking conspiracy known as CMEN. Aiding and abetting human traffickers and child pornographers is a serious criminal offense which demands public scrutiny. John Herriot’s blocked mobile number (323) 786-2553 can be traced back to you even if it displays as “unknown” on your iPhone. 

starland conspiracyYUCCA VALLEY, CA | CMEN Massage Connection Weekend event will be June 23-25, 2017 at Starland Retreat Center, 56925 Yucca Trail #355, Yucca Valley, CA 92284, (323) 786-2553, the Massage Weekend Reservation Form must also be submitted to reserve.
CMEN Massage Connection Evening Events planners are currently looking for a new location. Space at events is limited to 24 men. Events will be listed on the CMEN LA events calendar. Reservations are required, reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance via the CMEN LA reservations page, unless the announcement indicates a different deadline or required coupon.

palm springs conspiracy investigation
If you see John Herriott near your kids, call his cell: (323) 786-2553

Gay Secrets Should Only Go So Far

Are You In Or Out? Conspiracy laws were designed to prevent criminal organizations from operating in secret. Pedophiles must maintain secrecy on many different levels. Street gangsters can walk around in public plying their trade and people don’t harass them. Criminals on trial can mug for the camera and lie about their innocence for the media circus.

Public admiration of homosexual pedophiles? There are no movies glorifying gay child molesters, these guys operate in strictest secrecy. John Herriot has even his closest non-pedophile bisexual admirers hoodwinked. Herriot obtains social gratification from leading other gay men into his secret network of homosexual deviants. Anthony Merker from the Bronx, Pablo Rivera from Long Beach, the list is nationwide and going international. 

gay pedophile trafficking process
CMEN Camp JCA Shalom Malibu Conspirators

Vote No On Herriot | The purpose of this article is to convince gay and bisexual naturists in the California desert to stop aiding and abetting the John Herriot-Rick Boehle Boy Lover Club from promoting human trafficking of minors. Attending CMEN Massage Events and Gatherings in the desert is a show of support for active child predators.

Fake Coach: Don’t be fooled by John’s little league baseball uniforms in his white Dodge Grand Caravan minivan. Herriot is not a real little league baseball coach or Sunday school teacher. Would you want your children to meet John Herriot and his supporters while out on a nature walk? Would you want to see John Herriot giving a live presentation to your friends or family?

cmen malibu 2012 group photo
Genital Hospital Social Hour 2012, CMEN West Coast Gathering

Protect Your Brain From Emotional Disease

What are you learning at CMEN events? You are learning what John Herriot wants you to learn. How did you learn to be gay? From someone more experienced, right?  Do you think John Herriot has the right experience to teach you anything? Be careful who you hang out with because you are already exactly like them. According to the law, If any CMEN assist John Herriot’s efforts to silence this website, you are aiding and abetting a registered violent criminal. Mr. Herriot is only registered on the Megan’s Law website for West Hollywood and the law says that his presence in Palm Springs and Yucca Valley is worthy of human trafficking investigation.


john karl herriot megan's law website

If you believe a crime has been committed, please contact your local law enforcement agency.

Known Aliases



Date Of Birth: 7/28/1951
Height: 6’01
Weight: 195
Eye Color: BROWN
Hair Color: BROWN
Ethnicity: WHITE


Offense Code: 288(a)
Year of Last Conviction: 1986
Year of Last Release: 1993
The Department of Justice has no information about a subsequent felony incarceration for this registrant

Risk Assessment


Last Reported Address:  920 KINGS 204, WEST HOLLYWOOD, 90069



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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.