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Why are so many men turning homosexual these days?

Men choose homosexual experience because it is a more fully satisfying sexual experience than being with a woman. Women are just not as sexual as men. Don’t believe me? Just compare the straight and gay videos on a site like porn7 and see for yourself. Men really really like sex and women seen to only tolerate it. Therefore when heterosexual men want a fully satisfying sexual experience they usually come to an androgynous highly sexual person such as myself. Guys who really like to fuck can take one look at me and tell that I really really like to get fucked by confident and assertive men. Even though I am pansexual, many gay total tops say I am the best bottom in the world. Men who have sex with men prefer bottoms who have a rapid and warm response to being touched. A super hot bottom has trained himself to be really good at getting fucked up his ass.

homosexual prostate massage

The best bottom knows how to experience total prostate pleasure. Guys like me turn bisexual and then totally homosexual because we are not getting our emotional intimacy needs met by women. If heterosexual women would give men what they want then the exponential growth of homosexuality could be leveled off. Too much has been set in motion and the homosexual agenda can never be stopped, only slowed down a little bit. However women would have to join together in a concerted effort to open up to men. If women came onto me sexually as much as men did I would only go out with women. Alas I am a true Darwinian survivor. I have become an expert at converting to homosexuality due to women withholding sex. If women would just fuck a little more often then there would probably be a lot less androgynous bottoms receiving great sex from heterosexual guys.

Are homosexuals born that way? homosexual

No way Jose. I was not born with any sexual preference. I taught myself how to enjoy having men make love to me. My experience of sex is total and complete and I can live with it and without it by practicing tantric anal masturbation. At my high level of orgasmic functioning I envelope my lover into merging with the creator of the universe into the big bang of orgasmic sex with God.

Yogis and swamis understand that male to male does not match up energetically like male to female. Masculine and feminine must be unified into oneness. I like the Catholic Church definition of homosexuality as “inherently disordered.” Gay is disordered and I like it that way. I like women in public and men in private. I like real total tops who want to make me the bitch Goddess. People are born perfect and they adapt to get their needs met. Homosexuality is social Darwinian adaptation for happiness. As a bottom I am receiving more stimulus to my system than the top.


homosexual lifestyle creationThank God for Male Homosexuality

Thank God in heaven for the gift of homosexuality in my old age. If I had to depend on women I would die of loneliness. Much of modern homosexuality is refuge from the slavery of women. I love women however they are a lot of work. Anyway I am not sexually attracted to women my age unless they have taken very good care of themselves. As a vain homosexual man I have taken very good care of myself. I am withdrawing from the homosexual social circuit in favor of good old fashioned gay bathhouse sex. Or more specifically, guys coming over to my villa in Palm Springs for the best gay anal sexual intercourse in Palm Springs with a skinny brown total bottom. I used to feel self-conscious about looking like a girl but now I use it to my advantage.

Best Sex in Palm Springs

The best homosexual experience in Palm Springs is to experience intimacy with a true blue total bottom. The most in demand total bottom should be 5′-7″ and weigh 143 lbs. You want an androgynous Latin flavored pixie who smiles while you are loving him. Eye gazing is a sign that you are having the highest homosexual experience possible. You are not the word homosexual you are the experience of homosexuality. How much quality experience do you have with men who have sex with men?

Best Sacred Intimacy in the Desert

The difference between fucking and making love is the degree of intimacy attained. It is possible to fuck someone and feel good physically but being numb to emotional pleasure. If you have experienced true emotion during your love making you can take that feeling home with you. It is not your lover that makes you feel so good it is the feeling he gives you. Now when I sit alone on my couch with God I can feel the loving emotion of my lover, my gynecologist and mentor Dr. McDuff. A sexual mentor can increase the quality of your experience.


Memorial Day Weekend 2016

UPDATE: This sex blog is ranking high for total tops searching for total bottoms on Saturday night in Palm Springs. Therefore I am reworking up this post to further increase the response from masculine men who know what the fuck they are doing. My problem with homosexuality is quality control. I need to practice quality over quantity. I am into men who have sex with men as opposed to hanging out at a gay barbeque.

The purpose of this article is to attract men who have sex with men as opposed to gay social hangers on. I would rather be alone than hang out at a totally gay event this weekend. So come over to my Villa and we can practice California naturist therapy in my backyard. Nude kundalini yoga and naked chakra meditation are emotional therapy that can heal the brokenness of the queer heart into cosmic bliss lovemaking with the universal. In my opinion the ultimate homosexual lifestyle creation is best done in private.

What is your favorite unrealized sexual fantasy? Will you ever live it out or will you take it with you to an early grave. You may think that your friends and family will laugh at you however you may be pleasantly surprised that your sexual secrets are not that big of a deal. You are the only one you are hiding from. Are you a straight guy looking for your first sexual experience with a gay sexual mentor?

homosexual tools

Are you afraid that you will enjoy having sex with other men? Take the words “homosexual” and “gay” out of the ritual. Just call it masculine sex or man to man sex. Real men who have sex with real men are not the kind of guys who let the words get in the way. Sometimes a man just needs great sex with an experienced bottom who can teach him a few tricks. Have you ever experienced the intimacy of tantric sex? For a few mystical years in Westchester, California I had my own private sex mentor. Dr. McDuff is a retired gynecologist-sexologist who now surveys surgical facilities for government certification. When the boy is ready the father figure will appear.

gay anal sexual intercourse preparation training

With Dr. McDuff it wasn’t really about the sex it was about opening up to love. Opening up to the ongoing source of love and energy called source, God, or in the good doctor’s vernacular: Core. Core Energetics, Wilhelm Reich and bodywork. Joseph Kramer is one of the leading teachers of mystical masculine male to male sacred intimacy ritual. Kramer started The Body Electric School in Oakland. McDuff’s homosexual intimacy training advanced my consciousness exponentially and I am grateful and humble that God put him in my truth. Male to male sex should ultimately lead you to higher consciousness and your own individual personal relationship with the universe.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.