homosexual protecting gay offenders

The Institution of Homosexuality Has Been Corrupted

If you are a homosexual protecting gay offender John Herriot then you are supporting the corruption of homosexuality

If you are a homosexual protecting gay sex offender John Herriot then you are being groomed into becoming a pedophile yourself. By attending California Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN) events this year you are supporting the business of child sex trafficking by Mr. Herriot. You cannot separate John Karl Herriot from his youth league baseball business or his nude gatherings. Mr. Herriot is using the institution of homosexual nudism as a cover for his illegal activities. Herriot wants to turn other gay men into pedophiles and is using CMEN to groom them for all forms of deviant and illegal behavior.

cmen malibu pedophile
CMEN Mr. Leather Contest

The Institution of American Homosexual Nudism Is Being Corrupted

John Herriot is an interloper usurping the institution of male homosexual nudism in America. Herriot is corrupting both homosexuality and nudism using CMEN and nude homosexual gatherings as a cover for his child sex trafficking operation. Although it is an inexpensive and fun summer vacation law abiding me should boycott CMEN events to prevent crimes against children. It is tempting to run around naked having great sex but there is a downside. What if you get arrested along with John Herriot for child sex trafficking. Herriot has been convicted once and will be convicted again Everybody knows that there is no rehabilitation for a pedophile or sex criminal. By posing as an eccentric gay nudist Herriot escapes the microscope of social norms. Herriot the fake nudist doesn’t stand out because he is already weird. He doesn’t stand out because he has a bunch of freaks surrounding him and protecting him.

sex offender malibu gathering
CMEN West Coast Gathering 2012 | Camp Shalom Malibu, CA

When Homosexuals Protect Other Homosexual Offenders Then Everybody Loses

If you protect gay sex offender John Herriot and he offends again then you lose. The victim loses. And John Herriot loses a chance to get the help he needs by abstaining from child sex trafficking. Don’t support child sex trafficking by discontinuing your support of John Herriot. It is time for the members of CMEN to decide which side of the law they are on.

palm springs conspiracy investigation
John Herriott training new members in Tennessee

When Gays Stop Protecting Other Gay Offenders Everybody Wins

It is time for homosexuals, bisexuals and heterosexuals to stand up to the child sex trafficking of John Herriot. Boycott his fake little league baseball uniform business and his gay nudist organisations. Stop John Herriot and you stop gay child sex trafficking.

homosexual protecting gay offender
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