The Kitchenette With No Kitchen Sink

No Kitchen Sink

I understood that the bathrooms were communal however I was totally unprepared for the lack of sink in my room at Hotel 2 Twenty One, 221 Concord Street, El Segundo, California 90245.  Hotel 221 advertises a “kitchenette”, but there is no sink and there is no stove in this particular “kitchenette”. Hotel 221’s definition of a kitchenette is a small microwave and a regular sized refrigerator, with no stove or sink. This lack of kitchen sink is blatant false advertising at 221 Concord Street.

I have a degree in Radio-TV-Film and I have worked in the advertising business and therefore I am qualified to opine that Hotel 2 Twenty One engages in false advertising.

Hotel 2 Twenty One 

Where Does It End?

If we begin to accept Hotel 2 Twenty One’s  false premise that a kitchenette does not contain a kitchen sink, does that mean that some day all kitchenette’s will come without a sink? Is 221 trying to program us to shift our belief systems?

It is probably important to take a look at the way Hotel 2 Twenty One conducts the rest of it’s business operations.  If we also begin to accept Hotel 2 Twenty One’s  false notion that a kitchenette does not contain a stove, does that also mean that someday no kitchenette will be allowed to contain a stove? It is time to wake up and look at the falsity that is growing right in our nation’s midst.

The truth has become unbearable for some people. When I was unhappy with my accommodations at Hotel 2 Twenty One I asked Paris the day manager if I could cancel my booking and she refused. Then when I brought my camping stove inside she gave me some bullshit spiel about how the owners and the insurance do not permit cooking in the kitchen. So I decided to write this blog about this attempt by 221 to remove kitchen sinks from our daily life. 

Hotel 2 Twenty One Does Not Permit Cooking in the Kitchen

It doesn’t even matter that there is no stove or sink in the kitchenette because Paris the manager will just give you the runaround with some story or another. The point is that we must not accept falsity. Don’t accept Hotel 2 Twenty One’s version of the truth that a kitchenette does not contain a sink or stove. Do not accept 211’s new model that a cheap hotel room no longer contains a sink or a small microwave oven. Stand up for truth in hotel advertising