POST-BIRTHDAY DEPRESSION: Gary Charland didn’t even wave as he walked by

It appeared as though Mr. Cameron and his client were about to serve me with legal papers.

Gary Charland, J.D. and Andy Cameron, Esq. walked by my window this morning but they didn’t even wave or stop and say hello. They could have done so from a safe social distance. Mr. Cameron was obviously on a mission the way he was carrying his official looking papers in his hand. I said to myself, “Oh no, these guys really are going to serve me with papers and attempt to involuntarily relocate me at the height of the deadly Winter surge of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m doomed. I’ll die out there. Well . . . . at least I won’t have to deal with Martinez breathing down my neck. Okay gentlemen, come on in and serve me with your eviction papers!” Much to my great disappointment they passed me by and just kept walking all the way down to the skilled nursing facility construction. The four of them all hopped over the little temporary fence and into the construction area. I tried to keep my eyes on Mr. Cameron’s sheaf of official looking documents while at the same time marveling at Mr. Charland’s adroitness in popping over that fence. After that they were out of sight but not out of mind. Maybe they went to post a cease and desist order on the construction site like I asked them to in yesterdays blog. Perhaps I could have directed them to the official entrance and Bernards construction office on the opposite side of the campus. I really wanted to ask them how many Freemasons have died in Covina so far.

how many masons have died from covid-19 in covina ca

Q. How many Freemasons have died in Covina as of 1-8-2021? A. Three

There were several days last week when it seemed like the construction had stopped. But just at the moment I had that thought, the ground started shaking and then settled into a strong steady vibration as a huge big rig pulled up to the site. This happens all the time, no big deal, I put some music on as usual. But I’m thinking, “The State of California is dying and we still have construction? That is just not right.” Especially when I happened upon an article in California Freemason where Judy Figueroa says that MHC is ahead of the curve.

If the California Freemasons were ahead of the curve they would issue a communication saying something to the effect that they are at least attempting to halt the construction. Masonic administrators just dazzle me with their personal service of pandemic related papers in these deepest darkest days of recorded human history. Perhaps I could have directed Mr. Cameron to the construction office and main construction entrance on the other side of the campus. He won’t find anyone today because it is Saturday. They never work Saturday. They barely work during the week. Why did they enter where there was no proper gate? They never came back out that way. They must have found the main gate and the Bernards office and hopped over the bottom gate also.