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Hulu made me feel good about paying for movies again

OPINION: Hulu overs more quality than Netflix.

Since I live on a very small fixed income I have to watch every penny that I spend. In my previous residence I had free Spectrum cable TV. The programming wasn’t that good and during the first year of the pandemic I kept resolving to watch more TV instead of just meditating and listening to classical music. I even had a DVR box loaded up with shows I thought I would watch but never did. I kept watching streaming services out of the corner of my eye and now that I am ensconced in my new apartment I am ready to “cut the cable.” In my opinion hulu is definitely worth the money.

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Going to movie theatres was making me feel like I had been robbed

It has been many years since I saw The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Jar in a movie theatre. I hated that movie so much that I have been very careful about wasting my money, my time and my consciousness on all movies. Since I read three newspapers daily I am well aware of what movies are out there. I really only wanted to pay to see one move, Nomadland, but that is not possible to do. You have to pay for the whole movie bundle. So I was just going to wait for Nomadland on free advertising supported Internet TV. Hulu is changing my mind about all that.

So now I am in the third day of my seven day free trial with hulu. Hulu offers more of the movies that I prefer. Maybe it is because hulu is now wholly owned by Disney. I like movies that celebrate humanity and lift my spirit up. In my opinion hulu is a better deal than Netflix.

Netflix really turned me off with all of the violent movies offered. I no longer have Netflix but I wanted to subscribe again to see The Irishman. Martin Scorsese is a highly skilled film director. I love Scorsese. I love De Niro, Pacino, and Pesci. I used to get off on violent movies but now I abhor gratuitous film violence. The last Scorsese movie I saw was so violent that it is now easy to pass on every Scorsese movie that comes out. Violent dehumanizing movies interfere kill the God in me. I will continue to watch Scorsese movies on advertising supported “free” TV because for now hulu is all I want to pay for.

hulu is better than netflix