Parker Stanbury Makes My Legal Dick Swing

Re: Charles J. Kenyon, Jr. Investigation Blog
Riverside Superior Court Case No: PSC 1606 342

Dear Mr. Bastida:

Apparently your co-counsel, tax attorney Alvin B. Sherron is using your shabby letter of November 15, 2016 as legal authority to continue his human trafficking operations in California, Colorado and Tennessee. Who is lead attorney for Herriot in this matter, Parker Stanbury or Alvin Sherron? In other words, who is the top, and who is the bottom in your relationship with Mr. Sherron?  Whatever the dynamic of those relationships are, you can just toss them into the trash along with your letter because I am the dominant sexual partner in this affair now.  Parker Stanbury is exacerbating my heterosexual tendencies in this matter. 

The thought of Parker Stanbury, Herriot and Sherron in bed together makes my legal dick get really big, really fast.  The purpose of this investigation blog is to turn Marcus Bastida, Esq. and Parker Stanbury LLP into as many revenue streams as possible. Parker Stanbury is the target on the money shot in the John Herriot kiddie porn show, live from Camp Shalom Malibu.

richard n. boehleSHOW ME THE MONEY: This investigation blog is the application to make John Herriot, Charles J. Kenyon, Jr. and Rick Boehle bleed green money into Defendant McAdams’ personal bank accounts via Parker Stanbury and former U.S. Department of Treasury representative Alvin B. Sherron, Esq. 

Parker Stanbury is the biggest target on the hit list of Plaintiff Herriot’s supporters and therefore Defendant is bringing the war right to the enemy. The best defense is a good offense. Your letter has incited CMEN to hire tax attorneys and physicians to rally behind Herriot’s human trafficking operation. However your letter has also excited me sexually and as a result you have also made my cock get really big, really fast.

Parker Stanbury leaves Defendant no other choice other than to relegate Plaintiff and his law firm into the back seat of a cheap West Hollywood meat-rack night club. Defendant demands that Uber drivers be deputized to confine Herriot, Kenyon, and Boehle into the seedy little apartment indicated as Herriot’s Megan’s Law Website registration address.

Birth of the Charles J. Kenyon, Jr. Investigation Blog  

Parker Stanbury have given Defendant a new direction in life. LegalNoodle has been re-tooled as a human trafficking investigation blog as a result of Plaintiff’s harassment and defamation of Defendant’s character.  Prior to your intervention LegalNodle was a paralegal education blog and now LegalNoodle is a homosexual naturist pedophile prosecution and investigation blog.

The title tags and site name have been indexed as: LEGAL NOODLE | Sexuality, Politics & Religion | INVESTIGATION BLOG. Thanks to your law firm LegalNoodle even has new artwork representing the scales of justice weighing the evidence against your client.

Plaintiff’s Perjured Physician Testimony

Now that Herriot’s ex parte application for temporary restraining order has been denied, he is attempting to use testimony from Dr. Leslie Rawitt as an excuse to continue operating his fake little league baseball uniform businesses.  An immunologist named Rawitt is going to ratify the wrongness of Herriot?

There is no legal authority that permits a doctor’s note to say it is okay for the teacher to anally penetrate his students in the locker room. This is further Jerry Sandusky Pennsylvania Cream Cheese style aberration perpetuated by gay pedophile school teacher Charles J. Kenyon, Jr., 2809 Ogden Street Asian American Pedophile Advocacy Center, Philadelphia PA 19130-1152.  

charles j. kenyon, jr. investigation blogPHILADELPHIA STORY

The Philadelphia Pedophilia Advocacy Center publicly state that they provide educational services only. The PPAC claim that they do not engage in human trafficking, they only support the concept of pedophlia, i.e., their desire to foster sexual attraction to children. Even if peds say it’s just educational, they still have to prove it to the public.

Defendant McAdams has served notice that all occupants of 2808 Ogden Street (especially the belligerent and hostile witnesses on disability) that they must vacate the premises immediately until the PPAC has been accredited and found in compliance with Human Health and Safety Codes by U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officers.

Kenyon Was Defendant’s Problem

If Parker Stanbury can manage to get Charlie Kenyon to shut his big mouth a lot of this problem would go away. Kenyon has enough rope to hang everyone in CMEN, what is he waiting for, a shovel to dig the multitudinous graves? As long as Kenyon continues to lie to the Palm Springs Police PD and the Philadelphia PD about a non-existent restraining order, Defendant has no other choice than bring the long arm of the law to Philadelphia. Defendant wants Kenyon shut down, shut up and shut out. Defendant McAdams also seeks damages in the form of money judgment against Kenyon. Kenyon and the Philadelphia Pedophila Mafia have seen the end of their free reign of terror in the City of Brotherly Lust.

Kenyon Is Now Defendant’s Solution

But not for Kenyon, Herriot would have never been exposed as a tier-one registered violent criminal!  Charlies lies have been transformed into manna from heaven. The law specifically provides that Herriot cannot interfere with a human trafficking operation. Defendant will continue to legally investigate, deter and assist in the prosecution of John Herriot and Charles J. Kenyon, Jr no matter how many attorneys write meritless threatening letters and file malicious ex parte applications for restraining orders. There is nothing Plaintiff and his pedophile partners can do except to feel the legal bootheel of truth and justice pounding into your skull via this website.

rich dalwigk investigation blogThe Rich Dalwigk Problem and Solution

Richard Hatcher Dalwigk, 1376 South Compadre Road, Palm Springs, CA 92264 has conspired with Kenyon to misrepresent to the Palm Springs Police Department that there is a non-existent restraining order against McAdams. Kenyon, Herriot and Dalwigk have brought their conspiracy to deprive Defendant of his civil rights right up to the doorstep of Defendant’s personal and private residence in Palm Springs.

By these articles of publication Defendant McAdams alleges that Dalwigk, Kenyon and Herriot interfere with investigation of homosexual pedophile human trafficking by the boy lover club. By civilly prosecuting these gay tortfeasors Defendant will restore his constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of emotionally healthy and physically safe pansexual intimacy with the universe. Most importantly Defendant seeks to protect the bisexual naturist community from violent criminals such as registered child copulator John Karl Herriot of California Men Enjoying Naturism at Camp Shalom Malibu.