Power to Merge

Exalted Experiences

In yoga a person has to be humble, have the power to merge and to be spiritually, mentally and physically committed for exalted experiences. These days every human being feels they are perfect, they are morally righteous, they know it all; and they are judgmental of the world around them.  –Yogi Bhajan

What Is Your Action?

My question to you is what can you do on a yoga mat with nobody watching you?  What extraordinary experiences are you having today?  I am a virtual nobody walking around with perfect posture, laughing like I am connected to everyone in the world and they don’t even know it! 

yoga exalted experiences
Karma Yoga: Connected to everything, dependent upon nothing.

Awareness Cannot Be Purchased

This is not a commercial website. I have nothing to sell and nothing to teach.  I am a wild yogi howling in the wilderness of Southern California. Creating this website is just one of the many different experiences that I am aware of this morning in the Culver City media vortex.  Creating my day and creating my life with the precision of a garage band and the power to get it all totally wrong. Experience in, experience out. 

I just opened the door to let the 6:54 a.m. Equinox sunrise into Room 204 of the Paradise Inn & Suites on Washington Blvd. I am having a different experience than most people. I am experiencing the meditative state of samadhi Christ Consciousness.  Cosmic Bliss and a roof over my head?  It is getting too cold, so now I will get up and close the door.  Perfection, this only happens to me. 

Navel Powered Experiences

By learning to bend, breathe, twist and communicate from my navel point, I am learning how to leverage my experiences. This is the fundamental secret of martial arts.  It is the difference between a strong experience and a lethal experience.  In martial arts you learn to connect the energy from the Naval Point through your arms and hands with an unbroken flow of power. If you let that same Naval Point energy flow into your hands for healing, it gives you tremendous healing energy. The naval point is the engine room of it all. -Yogi Bhajan

Life After Yoga Class

The purpose of writing this blog is to come up with ideas for my life after Yoga West. I was going to check out Ra Ma Institute in Venice. But that is just more yoga classes. I may be getting a little bit too old to be a student sitting on my mat in a yoga class in Beverly Hills. Maybe I should just be an old man sitting on my yoga mat out in the middle of nowhere.


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.