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Feeding the Robots

Hybrid Human

Googlebot goes where the fresh food is and that means interesting hybrid web based multimedia information. The point is to blog early and blog often so that the robots will know that you are an inconsistent human and therefore worthy of attention. Why are you calling and asking if this extreme website is a typing service?

Legal Noodle is Not a Document Service Provider

Legal Noodle is not a hybrid typing service therefore there is no reason to call and ask if this is any type of document preparation service. If you are calling me an asking for paralegal or legal secretarial services you are wasting my time and your time. Unless you have an alternative motive for calling me. Perhaps you are an FBI agent attempting to entrap me into typing forged documents for a meat wholesaler in downtown LA. Providing typing services requires a county permit and surety bond. This website has no such credentials. 


Hybrid Entrapment

It is not my usual and customary manner to provide services related to the typing of forged or hybrid documents. It has never been my intention to defraud anyone.  If you are calling me and asking for a typing or paralegal service you are probably trying to entrap me into committing UPL, the unauthorized practice of law. It’s a holiday don’t you have anything better to do than create crime?

Why Don’t the PS Cops Stop John Herriot?

Why does the Palm Springs Police Department let John Herriot traffic in Mexican boys? Because of the money. Camp Shalom Malibu and John Herriot are making tons of money and that is why nobody stops them. CMEN has attorneys like Jeff Calvert running a very tight operation. The purpose of writing these blogs is so that when Herriot and Rick Boehle are finally apprehended, the public can look back on this record and ask the PS cops why they let it happen.

Crime as a Hybrid Blog Topic

The best thing about the laughable negligence of the Palm Springs Police Department is that it gives me something to blog about. I could go on forever writing about the ineptitude of PSPD for letting CMEN operate freely. The Palm Springs Police give me an erection and that’s why I like to write about them. I just checked into my motel room in the desert for the New Year and look forward to doing a lot of blogging. 


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