Sikh With Hate

Guru Hate Speech

It is my civic duty to call attention to the fact that Yoga West is spreading unnecessary fear and hatred into the community. Guru Singh appears to be mentally ill with self-hate.  Guru Hate Speech Singh ludicrously claims that he is not in the white male club.  This scam artist has obtained every benefit possible from being a white male. Guru Singh is a delusional old hypocrite who is teaching children to hate.  This decrepit old white man is going to work his devotees up into a rage and create an anti-white male riot.  Guru White Male is going to end up getting himself killed by his own worked-up hateful followers!

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It  is fascinatingly sickening to listen to this Caucasian Sikh Minister publicly denounce other Caucasian men in his videos and yoga classes.  Not even Russel Brand can sit still for this nonsense anymore.  You will never see anyone as intelligent as Russell Brand sitting in Guru Singh’s class anymore. 

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When Guru Singh explained that in the coming Age of Aquarius patriarchy will no longer exist and women will rule the planet, the only other man in class scoffed out loud!  Why would any man ever pay good money to hear this bait and switch bullshit?  I didn’t.  I cancelled my unlimited monthly kundalini Yoga West membership rather than listen to hate speech from a Sikh Minister.   There are state and federal civil rights laws prohibiting the hate speech that Guru Singh Khalsa is preaching at Yoga West. 

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People are so hungry for spiritual nourishment they will eat up Scientology, Catholicism and the way Guru Singh preaches man-hating, little girls will even swallow this bullshit sword and sorcery religion.  Kundalini yoga is in the business of selling anger and violence towards white males and business is good.

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Guru Singh Hates Everybody

After a while it becomes evident that Guru Singh just hates everybody because he hates himself.  Guru Singh hates the fact that he is a spoiled white male who was lucky enough to grow up with yogi parents.  Did Guru Singh’s yogi parents preach hatred of white males?  Russell Brand doesn’t bash white males.  

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Kundalini Teacher Training Open House

Be sure to provide your DNA screening at Kundalini Teacher Training Open House.  The world’s problems are caused in part because I was mistaken for a 100% Caucasian by Guru Singh, that is why I was terminated from KYTT.  Now I understand why Dya Kaur and Sat Devbir had to eject someone from Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga West.  In his YouTube videos Guru Hate Speech Singh rants and raves against white males in an almost criminal tirade.  Guru Hatemonger Singh and Yoga West are ripe for a United States District Court Civil Rights Complaint.  Dya and Sat Devbir axed me because they had to sacrifice a white male.  And I’m not even 100% Caucasian! 

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Gender Guidelines

When I took Erica Nampreet Liscano’s class at Yoga West her academic credentials intrigued me.  I really wanted to talk to her but I had just been brutally kicked out of Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training by Dya Kaur and Sat Devbir Singh.  Nampreet’s credentials looked so good, but I thought it through and kept my big mouth shut.   I just sat in Nampreet’s class and did the kriyas that she herself could not do.  But I kept thinking back to Nampreet’s gender studies background and it looked so perfect.  I left the desert to talk to people like Erica Liscano at Yoga West about Shiva-Shakti energy.  It turns out that Kundalini yoga teachers do not dialog or speak to students outside of the class.  Kundalini yoga teachers do not correct students, they only fire them. Kundalini yoga is more about fashion and style than substance.

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Kundalini is similar to Scientology in that you have to just keep paying to go up and up to higher levels.  After Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training levels 1-3 you have to take something called Sat Nam Rasayan.  I didn’t get that far.  

Nampreet is a devoted practitioner of Sat Nam Rasayan, an ancient healing art of pure meditation absorption in the Divine; she studies with Hargopal Kaur Khalsa and Guru Dev Singh. She holds degrees in Gender & Feminist Studies and Comparative Religious Studies. She brings a deep meditative space to her classes and works with students to uncover and polish their truth; therefore, lifting the individual and collective vibration.

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Guru Hate Speech Can’t Shave Because He Can’t Look In the Mirror

Guru Hate Speech Singh ludicrously claims he’s not in white male club. He is a ridiculous hypocrite who has obtained every benefit of being white male. The image in the mirror is so disturbing for Guru Singh that he just puts the razor down every morning.  Guru Singh hates white males and he does not hesitate to tell the world about it in his Sikh preaching.


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.