If I Am Pure Objective Consciousness Then I Am Not Form

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I Am Pure Consciousness


I am pure consciousness like the flame of a candle basking in the luminosity of its’ own reflection. My sexuality has been purified by pure white light God consciousness. I went on a Craigslist date to an Indian sweat lodge ceremony and was transformed. I am consciousness and nothing else. I am consciousness and the world is mine. It is my father’s good pleasure to give me the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and all of the riches contained therein. 


I Am Pure Divine Energy Manifesting

Various Material Scenarios


I am not really my body or Dean McAdams that much anymore. I am transforming into clean awareness. I like myself much more in the mirror these days. I am pure consciousness and everything is perfect now. My doors of sexual perfection have been cleansed. Everything is infinite supply now. I am one with everything. Totally connected to everyone but dependent upon no one. I am finally free to be totally me. I am in my body and it feels good. I have been reconnected. I spend years meditating on the beach and in the desert and seven years later it has paid off. I spontaneously channel higher love through this blog. I am pure. I am pounding out this love song to you. 

I am pure with words and I used to be pure with music. When I was young I played guitar and wrote songs in a hard core band called The Penetrators.  The Perpetrators would have been a much better name. I used to write songs now I write these words. Articles. Blogs. I style myself after James Elroy, the self-proclaimed Demon Dog of American Letters. I am the Dean of Love pounding you into submission with my radical love, forgiveness and sexual understanding.