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I AND THE FATHER ARE ONE: Meditation – Breathing – Yoga

EAST MEETS WEST: My latest inspiration is an “I And The Father Are One” meditation combined with real yoga. The only thing that is missing from the mystical meditation taught by the late Joel S. Goldsmith is a practice of meditative breathing while holding God Consciousness. No writer or leader in New Thought or Religious Science uses breathing specific methods of prayer or meditation.


Occasionally an advanced practitioner at Founder’s Church of Religious Science in downtown LA or Agape in Culver City will mention breathing during their guided meditations however breathing is not a part of RS or Agape practitioner licencing school. Bro. Mason John E. Fetzer went questing for the so-called “new age” but he never did any breathing work in all of his questing. So I have created my own new age I And The Father Are One meditation with yoga ujjayi pranayama breathing in crow pose. The new age is the old age. The new age is a combination of old age yoga and Christ Consciousness.

i and the father meditation yoga
NEW AGE – I do this while meditating over and over: I And The Father Are One, Not Two

Krishna Was The First Teacher

Goldsmith teaches me how to transcend time & space when he says things like: “Krishna was the first teacher.” Joel S. Goldsmith is the missing link between East and West, however Goldsmith’s generation didn’t breath like we do today thanks to yoga. In my personal experience I am one of the few people who is doing real yoga breathing on the mat in yoga class and at home. Yoga was not big during Goldsmith’s lifetime. If Goldsmith socialized in my circles today he would have been into breathing more than he was. Breathing and meditating upon Krisna/Christ Consciousness made me what I am today. I am even using my middle name of Keith these days to correspond to my Krishna/Christ Consciousness. Keith/Krishna . . . right?

krishna practicing i and the father are one meditation
Krishna And The Father At One With The Universe
You Become Like The People You Associate With The Most

You become like the people you hang out with at the gym and social gatherings. My motivation and decision to finally start practicing real yoga breathing came from a conversation at a fund raiser for Ann Bradney’s Radical Aliveness Core Energetics in Santa Monica.

Good Yoga Teachers Made Me What I Am Today

In a supreme gift from God some elder yoga freaks chastised me for not knowing what real yoga was. They were so right that their healthy criticism catapulted me into authentic yoga breathing at my very next yoga class with Josie Kramer. I was elevated by those experienced yogis but they will never know that they motivated me into real ujjayi pranayama breathing. Josie also emphasized crow pose in her classes and so crow is part of my regular morning work out. Real yoga is also practiced nude in India. So this morning during my nude yoga practice I incorporated my new I And The Father Are One, Not Two Meditation.

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.