Dream Secret: Nicotine Gum

The secret of how to dream all night every night is by using nicotine gum.

It seems at though I dream all night every night. My secret to dreaming all night every night is using nicotine gum after dinner, before bed. I first discovered that nicotine gum enhances dreaming during my many attempts in the past to quit smoking. I quit smoking in 2018 and now I only use nicotine gum for dream enhancement.

Non-smokers and first timers should probably only use 2 mg gum

The only thing that finally made me quit smoking was after I had not one but two near fatal heart attacks. So now that I have finally quit smoking, I only use nicotine gum to enhance my dreams. Nicotine gum is not chewed like regular chewing gum. Nicotine gum is used like chewing tobacco. You do not chew chewing tobacco or nicotine gum. You park nicotine gum and chewing tobacco in-between your cheek and gums.

When the gum is fresh it burns a little. One piece of 4 mg. nicotine gum lasts me approximately two weeks or more. 4 mg. nicotine gum is a little strong for a non-smoker or beginner using it for dream enhancement. Maybe next time I will purchase 2 mg. gum. The dream effect actually seems to work better with the lower dose delivered from well chewed gum. When my gum is older, I seem to dream better. Writing this blog is convincing me to purchase a 2 mg box after my current 4 mg supply runs out. Dream on!

I can dream all night

Last night I dreamed I was the Pope!

Last night I used a well chewed piece of nicotine gum before I went to bed. And last night I dreamed that I was the Pope and I lived in my hometown of Sunland-Tujunga! When I wake up during the night after each dream and in the morning I can vividly recall each and every one of my spectacular dreams. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage four of the sleep cycle is the most important and restful stage of sleeping. I usually wake up briefly after each dream with a powerful erection. My erections after dreaming are bigger and harder than any of my waking erections.

Dreaming enhances my creativity

Having ultra vivid dreams every night makes me feel like blogging every morning as soon as I wake up. This morning I wrote this blog in an hour and a half. And that included finding the royalty free photographs I am using here.