The Most Powerful Myth of Our Culture

The Jesus Fairy Tale Is But One of Many Different Paths Leading to Illuminated Consciousness.

The traditional definition of a myth is that of an allegorical tool used for educational purposes. However very recently the word myth has been used unfavorably as a synonym for a lie. Myths and stories such as the Jesus fairy tale are powerful tools for spiritual education because the human mind is captivated by linear narratives. We love to learn from stories, jokes, movies, songs, etc.

The God of my own understanding works for me and probably no one else

Christ Consciousness, or God Consciousness is a critical concept in my personal journey of illumination. However in my personal belief system, Jesus of Nazareth was most likely the seventh person to be referred to as Christ Jesus. In the ancient Greek, Christ means anointed one but the definition now means messenger. The Jesus Fairy Tale is important to my personal illumination, but so are the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Maimonides, Joel S. Goldsmith, Meher Baba and others.

Incorporeal God, Man and Universe

The Jewish mystic Maimonides and modern Christian mystic Joel S. Goldsmith have both brilliantly articulated the concept of Incorporeal God. Incorporeal means without material existence. God has no material form and is therefore incorporeal. Enlightened men, illuminated beings, also understand that transcendental human beings can experience themselves as also having no material existence. Enlightened ones have no ego or other human accoutrements weighing them down. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned and incorporeal things are incorporeally discerned. Incorporeal God is incorporeally discerned by incorporeal man.

Incorporeal Meditation

It is possible to experience your incorporeal existence through the practice of meditation. When you close your eyes while mediating, the back of your eyelids provide a blank screen that is the beginning of your path to your incorporeal existence. By extinguishing your ego and dying to your physical self, you transform into your higher Self and incorporeal existence. It takes eight years of practicing meditation to begin seeing significant results so start meditating with earnestness in order to experience the incorporeal Christ.

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