Identity in Christ:

When someone says that their identity is in Christ it means that I try an act as Christ would act. I try to demonstrate unconditional love and forgiveness. I embody the qualities of Christ in my thoughts and actions as opposed to my words. My inner identity is in Christ, not my outer personality. My personality should eventually become an imitation of Christ. By surrendering my personality and ego I build a new character in Christ Consciousness. alternative identity

I don’t base my character or identity on any concept of liberal or conservative, democrat or republican. I don’t particularly identify with the fact that my maternal grandparents were Mexican immigrants or I have a Scottish last name. I try to not base my identity upon my enlightened sexuality. My identity is in prayer and meditation. I’m all excited because one of my spiritual mentors gave me a Catholic Bible with really articulate verse and chapter headings. 

Integrated Identity

I use kundalini yoga as a framework for my physical life. Even when I am walking I am practicing walking yoga. I don’t meditate upon Vedantic deities as much as practice Christ Consciousness. Actually my practice is to surrender and empty my mind and let spirit fill it up. My spiritual practice is so ingrained in me my practice is almost subconscious. I am simply letting spirit tell me where to go and what to do. Today I spend long periods in standing meditation. My body is so healed and feels so good that I am able to experience bliss just being in my body.,  


My lifelong learning style has paid off in the form of health and well being. My body feels like a well tuned electronic musical instrument. This morning I got goosebumps watching an American Olympic Gold Medalist wave the flag. All of my bodily functions are juicy and flowing vitally. My yawing sessions are wet and wonderful emotional experiences.