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Is Freemasonry Expensive?

Freemasonry Was Too Expensive for the Founder of the Illuminati

The Illuminati myth has been in existence ten times longer than the Illuminati actually existed. Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, tried to avoid the expense of Freemasonry. It didn’t work and Weishaput eventually had to become a Freemason. The expense of Freemasonry almost stopped me from applying. Freemasonry is rather expensive compared to Toastmasters.

Even the Illuminati eventually had to come up with the money to become Freemasons

FROM WIKIPEDIA: Finding Freemasonry expensive, and not open to his ideas, Adam Weishaupt founded his own society which was to have a system of ranks or grades based on those in Freemasonry, but with his own agenda.[6] 

Having, with difficulty, dissuaded some of his members from joining the Freemasons, Weishaupt decided to join the older order to acquire material to expand his own ritual.

The expense of Freemasonry almost stopped me from turning in my application. My Lodge is one of the most expensive Lodges in California. Although I was living in Playa del Rey, I somehow found my way to the Blue Lodge in Santa Monica. The application sat on my dining room table for weeks. Around October of 2009 I attended a Joel S. Goldsmith class at the Mission Hotel in Riverside, California. As Jason Heath remarked, the affair was mainly for expressing platitudes about the late JSG. At that event each attendee was given the same CD. On that particular CD JSG talks about being a Freemason. When I was meditating to his words I decided to finish filling out the application. But first I needed to consult with a Brother Mason about it. I went to my Lodge and obtained sage advice about how to fill out my Masonic Application.

The Illuminati Myth is a Good Sales Pitch

It took so long to hear anything back I almost applied to the Lodge down the street from my house. Once I had made the commitment to join the Freemasons the money started flowing in. Images of George Washington in his Masonic Apron combined with the Illuminati myth made me unstoppable. Just when I was about to apply to the Blue Lodge in Playa del Rey, I heard back from Santa Monica-Palisades 307. Good thing I waited. At SMP 307, Brother James Lincoln Warren explained the Illuminati Myth to us.

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