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INFORMATION DESIGN: Image Comes Before Text


Image Comes First

Welcome to Koreatown near downtown LA. We are taking a journey into the Los Angeles Underground blogging world. When writing pop songs the music is more important than the lyrics. When blogging the images are more important than the text. The human brain processes images faster and with more emotional impact than the laborious process of reading the written word. Imagine yourself inhabiting the image with love. 

Underground Digital

Telling stories with images is how the new reality is created. As you ride along on this motorcycle in the rain I wonder how many of the words you are actually reading. I know from my Google analytics that people are reading these webpages. I also know that nobody is clicking on any of my links. That makes me wonder if anyone is reading this. Have you ever noticed that the “comments” have been disabled on some really good news blogs? That is because nobody really makes any valuable comments you these blogs. You only get spam (advertising) or negative comments.

Do you have a story that needs to be told? I suggest you get a WordPress blog just like this one. It is better to write stream of consciousness blogs like this all day long than to just post on Facebook.

story image

Love Yourself Into the Image

If you aren’t good at loving yourself, you will have a difficult time loving anyone, since you’ll resent the time and energy you give another person that you aren’t even giving to yourself.

Visualize yourself in love in this image. I am on a mission of loving myself. I love my body, feet and legs. I love all of myself. I am lavishing myself with time and attention so that I can develop the ability to lavish time and attention on other people in my mind. Now that I have been married to a woman and done everything I have ever wanted to do with a man I can get on with the important work of loving God.

Love is a relationship not a pleasure palace. Pleasure can be the communication link between God and myself. Pleasure and God can be the same thing if they are experienced with love. The universe told me to stay away from the gay sex resort bathhouse sex scene because there is something out there for me. In other words: Be careful what you pray for.

image girlWhat Do You Pray For?

What do I pray for? I pray for peace and satisfaction and I got it. Ten years ago I was a basket case. I couldn’t quit drinking and I was on psychotropic medication. Now I am off of everything and onto God. Just a few short weeks ago I was really into women. Then I got a honest to God good luck at her. Women no longer gratify me. Women no longer have the power of beauty over me anymore. Now women give me energy instead of taking it from me. I feel that I get women better than ever and am more authentically connected to them even though our physical relationship is probably over for ever and ever.

What Comes After Love?

After falling in and out of love with people comes falling in permanent constant love with God. This is what I am doing. I am falling in permanent constant love with the image of God. It has taken years of practice and now this God love is automatic. Be careful what you pray for.