Energy Work

Energy Perception:

By practicing seeing with my third eye I have increased my skill at energy perception. My senses are so open that in the morning I only feel like talking to dogs and birds. I have to watch TV with the audio off so I can think. By practicing kundalini chakra meditation I have opened up my third eye to energy perception.

energy perception Audio Perception

The mass multimedia news machine programming of the dominant paradigm is a distraction from reality. For past nine months I have been meditating and practicing nude kundalini yoga in the desert. My main social venue is lunch at the senior center. The other day at lunch Sandy said: “Don’t you like to have the TV on so it seems as if someone is there?” “No” I replied I don’t want any fake reality. I am extremely happy that Jeffrey the slobbering ogre landlord didn’t didn’t arrive on Saturday. I love having this entire huge villa to myself. I seek solitude. I am so happy to be free of the aberrated homosexual boiling pot of decadence. I have turned off the world. Turning off the audio opens up the clear channel for energy perception.

Perception and Energy energy perception

Your understanding of who you think you are comes from a limited perception. What you have learned is ‘real’ is determined by your five senses. These are the physical senses, and these have been the trusted tools of discernment for physical survival. If you are to evolve further than who you are now, then you must evolve beyond the limitations of the five senses.


How is this achieved? By un-learning that which you define as ‘real’. If you open to possibilities beyond the usual limited perception, you open to a realm that is highly creative and powerful. It is within this realm that your Soul exists. You are a thinking species, and your mind has served you very well—but in order to reveal the Soul you must make the journey from your head to your Heart.

In the World But Not of It

These days I am in the world but not really a part of it. My current intention is to learn as much as I can about energy perception and energy work in general. Energy perception is just the key word of this article. The purpose of this blog is to begin a new chapter in my life called energy work. This blog is a spontaneous introduction and motivator for me to really research energy. Chakra and energy work is the final stage of recovery and self work.


energy workEnergy Work

A lot of energy work is intuitive. You have to feel it. My energy perception is increased because of my clean diet and exercise program.  I have tuned up my spine and my whole body feels electric. Deep, juicy breathing is the key. Breath is the key to energy work.

Meditating nude in the desert and reading articles on energy work is transforming my life. The sensual pleasures of Palm Springs don’t interest me at present. My energy perception work is transmuting my sexual energy into spiritual energy.

By setting my intention to become an energy healer I am simply entering another course of practical study for which I have laid a strong spiritual foundation. I will now begin my formal study and practice of energy work and healing.