A You an Indian Cove Woman Interested in Divine Love and Partnership an Indian Cove Man?

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Indian Cove is for Desert Lovers

Indian Cove is for Lovers


Are you a desert woman over age fifty living in the Indian Cove neighborhood of Twentynine Palms? Are you interested in rewarding social companionship and gratifying emotional intercourse? Do you enjoy men who can experience and share a broad range of emotions other than anger? 

Divine love awaits the mature women of Indian Cove and the Morongo Basin. This website is dedicated to the women of higher consciousness in the healing California desert. The beautiful women of the desert are rejuvenating my masculine consciousness and love. I am a Los Angeles native who has been experiencing the power and beauty of the desert my whole life. Now I want to share my new and improved life with woman of Indian Cove.


Indian Cove Meditation


I has an epiphany while walking down Monte Vista Street and meditating. I have been giving my love and my sexy fifty eight year old body away for free. I am in much better physical shape than most people my age. My yoga body is a gift from God. I am resolving to be more careful who I give my love and affection to. I have been directed to give more of my love and attention to God. I am giving my affection to God however I have some left over for the women of Indian Cove.

Women of Indian Cove feel my masculine love consciousness as I reach out to you in love through cyberspace digital dating. I know what women want. Women want social and emotional connection. Women want a man who can raise their social and emotional resource capital. Women seek a man who will be good with their girlfriends. The secret to finding and partnering with the best women is to prove that you are a social genius. 


Sullivan Road in Indian Cove


Find me walking in the early mornings along Sullivan Road in Indian Cove. A few minutes after dawn I will be practicing nude yoga in Indian Cove. Nude yoga and nude meditation. I am a nudist and an exhibitionist. How the heck am I ever going to find a fifty year old woman who is not that? At Burning Man that is where. 


Joshua Tree Louise


Thanks again to Louise (not her real name), my Craigslist date from heaven. Louse is a fifty-seven year old nudist tantrika from France (not her real country). Louse is a really cool and nice person. She is somewhat of a nudist and exhibitionist. Louise is not psychically perfect, but she is perfectly fine and sexy and lovable to me.  My secret to dating and romance success is to always overlook the girl’s physical imperfections.  I don’t go for the super models because their is too much competition from the tall, dark and handsome guys. I want a woman that wants me. I want a woman that is available. I like small boobs and big brains. Indian Cove woman feel me as I reach out to you with sincerity, respect, and love.