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New California Law Passed Against Desert Parasite Contract Law Firms

Desert parasite and City of Indio contract attorney James McKinnon of Silver & Wright has been denying due process to elderly Coachella Valley residents. As a result of Mr. McKinnon’s malicious conduct recently enacted Assembly Bill 2495 now prevents this. Your grandmother will no longer receive a $20,000 attorney fee bill for having too many weeds growing on her vacant lot. McKinnon is being stopped in-part thanks to the highest caliber journalism from the Desert Sun. If democracy dies in darkness then freedom will live long in the desert. Thanks in no small part to the Desert Sun’s reporting Gov. Brown recently signed Assembly Bill 2495 into law. This legislation made it illegal for cities like Indio and Palm Springs to charge residents the cost of legal services used to prosecute them. This new State law makes Indio and Coachella’s previous policy unenforceable. AB 2495 prevents lack of due process against residential property owners by corrupt city governments hiring contract lawyers to shake down homeowners.

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Desert Parasite Rip Off

The City of Indio hired desert parasite law firm Silver & Wright and their overweight bagman McKinnon to prosecute elderly Coachella Valley residents. The alleged violations were for minor building code infractions like too many chickens on a residential lot. Senior citizens were being shackled with $17,000 legal bills for having trash in their yards. The stellar Desert Sun article reports all the pertinent facts and details.

The purpose of this article is to wake the desert up into putting on some florescent yellow traffic vests and protesting. If you live in the Coachella you are getting ripped off by desert parasites. Just look around and you can know it is true.

The Desert is No Longer a Good “Escape From LA”

Palm Springs was traditionally a value-laden get-away from Los Angeles but those days are over now. The whole point of being in the desert is to have a residence that is a destination. Lately is seems as though all of the good value in the desert has been sucked dry by the massive influx of LGBTQ new arrivals.

The last time I was in Native Foods I met a lesbian couple who moved to the desert without ever having been to the desert in the summer! The desert has become just another suburb of LA. Renting a house or apartment in the Coachella Valley is no longer a guaranteed method of leveraging your Southern California rental dollar. If a crummy three bedroom apartment in Palm Springs, California now rents for as much as $2,500/per month that means the desert is no longer a good deal as an escape from Los Angeles. Your utility bills in the desert on a decent sized domicile will be $500 per month. Factor in the price of gasoline and automobile maintenance living out in the middle of nowhere and the desert is no longer a great deal like it once was.

Living in the desert year round is a scam promoted by gay real estate salesmen. The decline of the desert began decades ago when the annual Spring Break Bikini Carnival was cancelled by Mayor Sonny Bono. Who the hell tells tourists to stay out of their town? Now the desert is begging them all to come back with Burning Man, Jr. aka the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

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Lock Them Up

Detective Castillo requests your assistance in locking up a few desert parasites. There are a good many native peckerwood peoples in the desert driving old Chevrolet El Caminos and Ford Rancheros with big decals in the rear windows stating: “Desert Outlaw”, yeah right.

If you are a real desert outlaw you would stand up to the desert parasites. Round up all the crooked politicians like councilperson J.R. Roberts in Palm Springs and your usual suspects governing the City of Indio. Detective Castillo needs your assistance solving some crime so put the pedal to the metal and go do some healthy political cleansing.