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Virtually Attend Jeff Cowan’s Hearing Live Streamed from the Larson Justice Center.

Why didn’t I do my own research into online hearings at the Larson Justice Center? Because I relied upon F.D.’s wrong information. From now on I am going to stop relying on F.D. for information. F.D. talks like he is an expert on Jeff Cowan in jail when he is actually just guessing. That’s typical, F.D. lives in Trumpworld. I wonder if that’s where he met Jeff Cowan? My lesson learned is to do all of my own legal research into this matter from now on.

When I asked F.D. who has taken out restraining orders against Jeff he glibly replied: “Take your pick.” What a gay answer. That was not helpful information Mr. F.D. My regular reader K.R. performed her own legal research to discover that two Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputies have taken out restraining orders against Jeff. This morning the court mentions a third restraining order but I cannot decipher the distorted audio.

Transcription of today’s hearing on motion to release Jeff on his own recognizance or bail:

While listening to Jeff’s hearing this morning the Judge’s voice is so distorted I cannot decipher who he says that the other restraining order that Jeff violated is for, other than a Unified School District. The only words I can understand are that some Unified School District is concerned that Jeff may further violate their restraining order against him.

What a shame that the Judge is speaking so close to his microphone that his air pressure is popping the envelope and completely distorting his words. When the Judge pulls back and speaks in a regular tone of voice to the attorneys only, his words are clear and crisp. When the the man breaks into his official rapid fire Judge voice is words are mumbled and undecipherable.

At 2:22PM the audio was turned off when the public defender and the city attorney went in chambers with the Judge to discuss the indicated sentence that the court would pronounce upon Mr. Cowan.

There will be no indication of sentence today and the matter is continued. A Penal Code 1050 motion to continue will be filed by the District Attorney. The court did not indicate a continuation date after they came out of chambers. However I think I heard the Judge mumble that Jeff would not be released on his own recognizance. Makes good judicial sense not to OR Defendant Cowan. Jeffrey has a $40,000 bail indicated in his booking information to keep society safe from his violent criminal behavior.

July 22, 2021 UPDATE: The good news is that Jeff is now entering into his third month of custody as his matter has been continued to 9:00AM on August 3, 2021. I heard his public defender say that she had to research the new matter that has been added to his charges. Jeff now has a civil harassment restitution order added at the bottom of his new booking information. This order was discussed in chambers and therefore I do not know the details. Charge number three below is a family law domestic violence restraining order. Family law matters are all confidential. That is why this order was discussed in chambers. Who has a family law domestic violence restraining order against defendant Cowan?

LESSON LEARNED: Do my own thinking and research

In addition to wrong information on Jeff’s restraining orders, F.D. also gave me incorrect information that attendance at Jeff’s court hearings is limited. I should have done my own legal research and then I would have been able to listen to Jeff’s hearing last week on the return of his doctor’s report.

Are you a tax payer? Do you have a computer? Don’t listen to Trump supporters like know-it-all F.D. You, myself, F.D. and the entire planet can attend Jeffrey Cowan’s court hearings by listening to the live stream audio in the privacy of your own home. Unfortunately there is no video available, only audio.

This morning I got so happy about Jeff Cowan’s bail hearing that I thought to myself, hey, I wonder if it’s online. So I Googled “Indio Larson Justice Center hearings online” and sure enough I found it!

A few weeks ago I told F.D. I was so excited about Jeff Cowan in jail that I wanted to drive all the way to that God forsaken desert to watch Jeff’s hearing. F.D. said: “Oh no, you can’t go, you have to be an attorney.” You give bad information Mr. F.D! You don’t need to drive down to Indio when it is going to be 120 degrees in the desert today. You don’t need to be an attorney to attend Jeff’s hearings. The entire planet can tune into Jeff’s hearings because they are live streamed by the Superior Court of California, County of Riverside. YOUR TAX DOLLARS PAY FOR YOU TO LIVE STREAM JEFF COWAN’S HEARINGS WHILE HE IS IN CUSTODY! Simply scroll down to Department 3T, it’s the last button for the Larson Justice Center.

larson justice center online

Now the public can be kept safe from Jeff Cowan because we will have ample notice of when he is getting out of jail.

I dispute F.D.’s claim that Jeff is a happy camper in jail

F.D. stated to me that Jeff is happy and thriving in jail. I seriously doubt that. Why did Jeffrey Epstein, Aaron Hernandez and John McAfee all commit suicide while in custody? Because jail is not a happy thriving place to be! Jail is a miserable place to be. Jail is hell. I know from my own personal experience that jail is an uncomfortable, dangerous and maddening place to be. So stay safe at home, barefoot and wearing shorts like I will be this morning at 10:30AM while I am watching Jeff Cowan’s automatic hearing on his motion to be released on his own recognizance or post bail.

jeffrey r cowan bail hearing larson justice center
Do not listen to Trump supporters like F.D. – educate yourself!

When I was a paralegal I used to educate myself by sitting in the back of the court room watching all kinds of hearings, civil and criminal. Now you can do that too. We can all educate ourselves by watching live stream court hearings in any jurisdiction we want. I’ll see you all in Department 3T at 10:30 this morning!

indio larson justice center live stream screen
Inmate killed at John Benoit Detention Center in Indio
John Benoit Detention Center under construction in May 2019 Photo Omar Ornelas/The Desert Sun

THE DESERT SUN – July 22, 2021 | A Hemet man has been charged with murdering his cellmate at the John Benoit Detention Center in Indio on Wednesday, according to a criminal complaint.

The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office filed the charges, which include a sentencing enhancement of using a weapon, a metal crutch, in the commission of a felony on Friday.

The Correctional Investigations Bureau and the Central Homicide Unit identified Luke Hanchette, 42, of Hemet, as the suspect. He remains at the John Benoit Detention Center. Prior to the homicide, Hanchette was being held on charges including assault.

Luke Hanchette Photo courtesy of Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

By Dean McAdams

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