Giving Up On Kundalini Chanting

Infinite Being

Infinite eternal energy flow up my sacred body temple Into consciousness. Eternal source consciousness dumped into the meat puppet manifestation called Dean. The only thing left to do is perfect my body on the yoga mat.

Infinite way

5:00 am steam stretch in Culver City. 7:00 am meditation class in Beverly Hills. All Kundalini yoga classes are meditation classes. All yoga is meditation. All meditation is breathing. All Kundalini yoga is one breath one movement while silently or audibly chanting Sat Nam, true identity.

Infinite Perfection

The key to infinite yoga bliss is holding down dog or triangle pose as it is called in Kundalini, for a long time. A true yogi hangs out in down dog asana for a long time every day. How long? Three minutes, thirty minutes. The degree of perfection chosen depends upon the student.


Breath of Fire

I really pounded on the breath of fire in Siri Shakti Pam Davis Class this morning. Today is the first day that I noticed my breath of fire muscles getting stronger. I was breathing louder, faster and more consistently than any of the other eight people in the class. My full lotus sitting pose is better is than the other students and the teacher. A lot of my asanas and kriyas are more perfectly formed than the teachers because I am obsessed with yoga in the steam room and sauna these days. My hatha yoga is so much more advanced than most of the Kundalinis that I am going to skip the Kundalini chanting. Most of the excellent yoga teachers that got me this far used a lot of Kundalini to get me here. 

Breath of fire

Chanting vs. Yoga

Kundalini yoga is chanting intensive. I only get off on chanting Om and Kundalinis do a lot of Sikh chanting. The Kundalinis even reinvented Om into a much longer word. Some Kundalini teachers use a lot of recorded chanting because they themselves are not big chanters.

From now on I am creating my own yoga practice. Thats all Yogi Bhajan did with his version of Kundalini yoga. I will chant Om while everyone else is doing detailed chants that took them a long time to learn. I don’t see that much more benefit to me from upgrading my Om chant. I see much more benefit from perfecting my hatha, physical yoga and Kundalini kriya yoga meditation than investing in the learning curve of chanting. Chanting makes it too religious. Sikh religion. No room on my plate for yet another religion right now.