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Be here for infinity with me in your plump little neighborhood. Wearing white and practicing daily bathing is a good way to experience the kingdom of heaven within. The first followers of Jesus the Footwasher were called The Daily Bathers. Good name for a rock band. In the golden silence of blissful solitude my emotional meditation into infinity gushes with sensual satisfaction. My cock is plump now. My dick used to have a really thin skin but now it is thick and plump like my brain and consciousness. 


My after breakfast meditation of gratefulness for silence is rewarded with more of the same perfection. The universe is conspiring to give me everything I want and need. This always happens to me. All I ever get is the perfection of heaven on earth


Riding around King Harbor in my Chrysler Boat. Watching the future unfold on CNN at the Bay Club while reading an actual print version of the Los Angeles Times.  Clear blue persuasion of the location location location. With the option of living just about wherever I want, I choose coastal California for the climate considerations. My brown rice Yogi lifestyle needs easy living in the land of milk and honey. I need to spend more time in Redondo Beach because it is a few steps above Playa del Rey. The only problem is that there are no disposable razors at the Redondo Beach Bay Club. There are razors at the Bay Club Howard Hughes and Santa Monica but not Redondo King Harbor. Maybe I can fill out a form to have Chauncey Dennis bring a couple of disposable razors over from the Howard Hughes Club to Redondo Beach?


Plump Blood Work

Getting my pre-diabetic diagnosis in my blood work results two years ago was a game changer. It was really hard but I don’t eat my beloved ice cream anymore. As a result my dick is plumper, healthier and more radiant. My anus and perineum are also more moist and radiant. My body reflects my new sugar free sensual radiance. Can I get paid to go on talk shows and promote a sugar free lifestyle? For the past two years I have been scrutinizing ingredients and eliminating all the refined sugar that I have control over. I made the transition by eating pure fruit spreads and hazelnut at night.



For the past six weeks I have also refrained from eating my fruit spread and peanut butter Ezekiel Bread toast at night. This could be the reason my beautiful plump cock inspired me to write this blog. Not even any fructose clogging up my pipes.


For the past year I have refrained from having sex with men.  This also could be one of the reasons I am writing yet another blog about the growth of my penis. Since I am not having sex, and since I am not talking about sex, I am writing about it. I am having a creativity orgasm at Moonstone Park in King Harbor.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.