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SON OF ADAM – The Scotsman Rides The Goat

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The Son of Adam’s Right to Masonic Rites of Initiation

If you were born with a Scottish last name then you probably already have Masonic virtue in your Gaelic heart. If you are a Scotsman then you may have inherited a right to be initiated into the secret light of temple building. Your Scottish family crest practically gives you the absolute free right to unquestioned initiation into the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

Most Brothers have to be interrogated with the third degree but not the Scotsman. Knock upon the door. Give the secret password and the door shall be opened for the Son of Adam as he is the Son of Man. Watch him ride on the magical androgyne of Eliphas Levi.

The Son of Adam is the Son of Man

Even if you are a rough Ashlar as I once was, the door will open if you will only knock. However you must first find a Blue Lodge and knock upon that secret door. Ask and you shall receive. You must first request an application and then fill it out with your non-refundable $400.00 application fee enclosed.

The purpose of Freemasonry is to take good men and make them better. It works. It works really good. I am a much better man now than I was prior to my Masonic initiation. The light of Freemasonry has refined my Temple and I am therefore eternally grateful for my initiation into the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

George Washington | General | First American President | Gentleman Farmer | Freemason

The Surprise Letter

The letter inviting me to report to the Masonic Lodge took me off guard because it was the first I had heard from the Brother Masons since I had applied seven months previously. I was waiting to be interviewed in my home by the Masons pursuant to the application. The letter did not say exactly what was happening at the Lodge however I erroneously assumed that I was being asked to report to the Lodge for my first interview.

My understanding from the Masonic application was that the Freemasons were to come to my dwelling and give me the third degree. I even had my German shepherd properly trained and groomed at all times. So when I received the letter I thought perhaps it could be for my first interview at the Lodge for their convenience due to their elderly status. Only if I passed would they then venture out to the beach and inspect my residence and canine companion in a second more detailed interview. I was wrong. The Freemasons never interviewed me. God just opened everything up for me as usual.

The Gift of Brotherly Rain

Brother Rain D. is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the City of Brotherly Love. I just happened to meet Bro. Rain by chance. He was working at the mail-drop that I used as my business and residence address. I was the proverbial thrifty Scotsman living with Dharma in my RV parked at Toes Dunes in Playa del Rey, California. One day I told Bro. Rain that I had just gotten back into town after meditating in the desert for three days and he told me I should join the Freemasons.

So I followed Br. Rain’s directions to the Blue Lodge and knocked upon the door. We had a fine dinner and I requested an application from the Trusts and Estates attorney sitting next to me. Worshipful was also a Past Grand Master and he brought me my Masonic application. It was printed on heavy blue parchment with a gold embossed seal. I felt as honored as though my particular application came directly from the Grand Lodge of California.

I wasn’t sure the Masons would accept me. That application sat on the kitchen table of my RV for a few weeks. I didn’t think putting in a non-refundable $400 check was going to pan out. The application clearly stated that the applicant would be vetted in detail.

A few days later I was at Worshipful John D.’s Infinite Way tape study group at the New Age Bible and Philosophy Center. On that 1961 tape Joel S. Goldsmith was talking about how the Freemasons were some of the first to recognize the importance of not eating white bread or white rice. That was my sign from God to make out the check for my Masonic application fee.

The next day while making a quick left-hand turn into my beach parking spot my Masonic application drifted off of the kitchen table and fell to the floor. After safely bringing the vehicle to a complete stop, I picked up the application off of the floor and filled it out. Now seven months later I was hearing for the Brother Freemasons for the very first time and it was for initiation not an interview.

dharma black german shepherd jumping over fire
Dharma McAdams (1996-2011)


When I opened my initiation letter from the Freemasons, Brother Rain was standing behind the counter working that day. Rain looked at the letter and said: “Congratulations, you are going to be conferred the degree of Entered Apprentice Mason. I was reluctant to tell Bro. Rain that I was never interviewed by the Freemasons. If the Brothers from the Lodge came to my residence listed on my application and found out it was a recreational vehicle would they appreciate my penny pinching Scottish lifestyle? I didn’t make any misrepresentations. The Masonic Brothers were perfectly free to come out to the beach and take a ride in the Scotsman mobile home with Dharma and I but they never did.

I thought that sure the Freemasons were going at least get some type of look at me in-person before the Brothers initiated me into their secret fraternity. The Bros. never interrogated me prior to initiation. The Son of Adam rides again.

Rain may not be a Master Mason but he always has an incredible looking woman with him and he is an expert on Freemasonry. I had invested $400 in my application and was excited to hear from the Freemasons at last. If it wasn’t for Rain I may have never been initiated as a Master Freemason. I erroneously assumed the Brothers had passed me over just like they did my friend Worshipful John D. of Marina del Rey, California.

It had been over seven months since I turned in my application to the Masons. I thought I was never going to hear from them. I thought maybe they had already looked at my old Scottish RV and rejected me!

My Infinite Way meditation teacher Worshipful John D. is African and he had a problem with my Lodge. We both applied to an elite Lodge of Masonic Brothers because Joel S. Goldsmith was a Freemason. That Lodge eventually became my Lodge however they rejected Wor. John’s application. Actually my Lodge just never got back to Wor. John and so he was forced to apply to a smaller Lodge in a less affluent neighborhood. Worshipful John D. was eventually accepted by a less elitist Lodge that was open to African-American senior citizens with stellar personal, professional and religious credentials.

Rain is not a Freemason but he is an expert.  Here is Rain with wife number five
Brother Fellowcraft Mason Rain with wife number five
The Letter “G” is for God and Geometry

When I arrived at the Lodge that evening there were three of us soon-to-be-Masons gathered together in the library waiting room. I got a feel for things and my intuition said that we were definitely being initiated. But no Brother Masons explained anything to us beforehand. It looked as if I was being entered as an apprentice that evening! I was being entered as an apprentice Mason with no interview whatsoever!

The Scottish Apprentice Requires No Interview Prior to Initiation!

After the first newbie left for his secret initiation ritual the two of us remaining waited in the library. The other man asked me: “Do you know what is going on?” “Yes we are being initiated and entered as apprentice Freemasons.” “No” The young man said to me. “I don’t think so.”

I didn’t really know myself exactly what was going on but I wanted to find out so I asked him: “Did any Freemasons ever come to your house and interview you? “Oh yeah wow did they ever!” the kid gushed. “Two Freemasons came over to my house and grilled me twice, one of them called back later and interviewed my wife on the phone and then the other one even spoke to one of my neighbors! My jaw dropped and I couldn’t speak. My neighbors hated me for parking my mobile home in front of their beach front properties! Good thing the Freemasons never interviewed my neighbors or I may have been rejected!

masonic initiation i lived in rv

This Could Be a Movie

The Academy Awards were playing quietly on the big screen TV in the background and I let the kid’s attention be absorbed by it. I am a media professional who despises the incestuous Oscar ceremony. I never watch award shows because all I want in life is Masonic secrets and wisdom. After about an hour and a half a ritually attired Brother Master Mason arrived. The regally adorned Mason escorted the second entered apprentice to his initiation into the secret fraternity of Freemasonry. I didn’t ask either of the other two Entered Apprentices for their names and I never saw either of those two Brothers again. I don’t think either of them ever became Master Masons like I did.

initiation royal order scotland
The Scotsman Rides the Goat

Being the last apprentice entered that evening I spent over three hours in that waiting room that night. A Brother Mason eventually came and escorted me to the inner sanctum. I was eventually fully initiated into the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry as a Master Mason.

I became a Brother Mason with no interview by any other Brother Masons whatsoever. Nobody even checked out Dharma and her City of L.A. dog license tags were expired because we were living in that RV with no street address. No third degree interrogation for the Scottish Son of Adam or his German shepherd but only because of the ancient Gaelic last name. The McAdams family crest gives my pure Scottish heart the right to unquestioned initiation into the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. McAdams gets a free ride on the transcendental goat of Freemasonry!

temple trowel initiation
Baphomet | The Magical Androgyne

Photo Credit: Thanks to’s May / June 2018 Issue of California Freemason and the Grand Lodge of Scotland for the featured photograph at the top of this blog depicting the Scottish Grand Lodge Officers standing in their green ceremonial regalia.

Scotsmen were always androgynous with their kilts. Androgyny was Eliphas Levi’s fascination in creating Baphomet the magical androgyne
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