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Create Lifestyle Content That Interests and Engages With iPhone Multimedia

What Are the Basic Tips to Create Lifestyle Content That Commands Attention?

Create lifestyle content with sensual images backed up by original writing. Not sex per se. I am talking about sensuality vs. pornography. We already live in a pornographic culture, epitomised by websites such as that are only getting more and more popular. Soft porn is everywhere. People today expect sex and nudity so reach out for an emotional response with sexy photographs that leave something to inspire the imagination. Entice your adventurous niche audience.

Be bold, don’t try to be all things to all people, you will mediocratize yourself. Mass appeal is not what the Internet started out as. Find your exciting niche audience and scratch it with seductiveness. If you have a sexy body then appropriately show it off while you still can. Sex and sensuality are time tested software packages to create engaging lifestyle content that keeps them coming back for more.


What is the Cheapest & Easiest Hardware Tool to Create Lifestyle Content?

The video camera on your expensive smart phone is all you need for now. Google loves video. Men love video. Everybody loves video and therefore the world has a voracious appetite for video. So just get out there with your little iPhone and start cranking out the videos. That is my mantra. Seven years ago I shot a video of me talking about being a paralegal at the Del Rey Lagoon and a legal document assistant career was born. Now my legal career is over.

Now I want something different, exciting and sexy. I want a career as a content provider and digital writer. Video is the way to launch any kind of cutting edge career. In this article you will see my first softly sexy videos to create lifestyle content. Nudism is part of my Palm Springs lifestyle. If you make your videos classy and don’t show your genitals it is amazing how much production value you can get out of your body. I only spent several hours shooting these very short videos on my iPhone 5.

Start out small when you create lifestyle content. Don’t spend $10,000 having some bearded hipsters shoot your first sixty second video. Do you already have an expensive multi-media production studio in your pocket called your smart phone? Most people will admit they barely tap into the immense power of their iPhone.

Your first videos do not have to be great works of art. The iPhone does all of the technical work for you. The point is to get your first videos up on YouTube and get something going. As your message progresses your skill with the medium will progress. One of the joys of being an artist is watching your skills progress as you become more experienced and skilled with the instruments of your expression. These days I try to shoot one video in one take. Otherwise it just takes too much time and you spend all day with the making of the raw video getting in your way. All these years of film and video production later I have developed a great technique of one-take production.

Create Lifestyle Content to Get Noticed


Don’t be afraid to shock and awe your viewers if you are going to be a modern digital content provider. The whole world is a Burning Man stage. People expect sensuality, spirituality and sexuality. There are many positions posted online for professional bloggers to create digital lifestyle content or you can find a lifestyle on your own and market it. Is the yoga trend dying out? I certainly hope so. I have been practicing yoga for forty years now. My yoga practice did improve during the yoga trend. I now have an authentic pranayama breathing style.

create lifestyle content

Some people are so interesting all they have to do is post a few photographs and videos on the Internet and they can create lifestyle content out of it. When you go to pool parties do people tell you that you are a sexually exciting man? If so, have you ever thought of making a career out of being sexy? Men are very visual and they respond well to sexual images. Selling it with sensuality is as old as prostitution. In today’s world people expect sex and nudity more than ever.

Now that Disney has an online dating service the whole world is an Internet dating site in my opinion. If you have your own website you have your own online dating profile open to the world. I publish my photographs, videos and writing on this WordPress blog so that the whole wide world will call me and date me.

I also spent a few hours learning new video and photo technology. The only way I can have a career is to create my own images, video, and other compelling content. My advice is to download free Windows Essentials from Microsoft for photo and video editing and management of when you create lifestyle content.

When you create lifestyle content it is a fluid and ongoing process.