Insurance Hustler

June 27, 2018 UPDATE |  “Smooth Move” Glenn Castelazo should have let sleeping dogs lie.  Fourteen years ago Glenn ripped me off with his insurance scam and then refused to talk to me.  Now fourteen years later he calls me up out of the blue to hustle me again with his Kangen water scam.  It has taken me five months to wake up from that call in January of 2018.  Castelazo is trying to use his son Cruz Castelazo as a sales tool to garner sympathy.  Castelazo should have let sleeping dogs lie instead of reminding me about how he lied to me.  Now I am really pissed off at finally remembering the $5,000 in insurance licensing costs and attorney fees I spent in reliance upon Castelazo’s offer of employment as a supplemental disability insurance salesman.  It was all just Glenn laughing and running his motor mouth sales hustle, both then and now.  This creep Castelazo wouldn’t care if he caused me to be thrown into the gutter to die alone and hungry. 

Exactly What is Your Hustle Mr. Castelazo?

What is your next “Group On” style, network marketing hustle? Are you ready to move up into the big leagues but still unsure about exactly where your next career move will take you? Who knows what will happen next with medical insurance for example? Whether it is an amended Patient Protection or Affordable Care Act, or something totally new there will be exciting opportunities for small brokers to sell supplemental plans to small business. There is so much information to be processed that a good broker website should be a community information resource and not just another cheap snake oil sales job.

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Branded Engagement Is Expected

Establishing your brand providing products for supplemental disability and retirement products for the fifteen employee business means geographical marketing. Networking. Neighborhood networking on Facebook? Yes, you have to do all of that in addition to your old school method of putting up flyers on lunchroom bulletin boards. Writing a blog and posting it on a local Facebook page is kind of like putting up flyers. When you thumbtack your flyer up in the company lunchroom, it will contain your website with the products you offer. 

You must become an expert in your field by becoming a small business resource and a good neighbor on Facebook. It is important to show potential customers that you are actively engaged in the care and safety of your community. Become a trusted resource for news and information on what is happening with risk management. 

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What Is a Supplemental Retirement Insurance Salesman?

A good snake oil salesman is selling a contract for services and not the actual service itself. Pure capitalism in action. Risk management is complicated because the consumer is not purchasing the actual product. John Q. Public is buying a contract to purchase medical services, that is complicated. The buyer will often need to call his insurance salesman to get the insurer to pay up. The insurance salesman may need to call the insurance company to make sure the terms of the contract are met. 

Will you ever actually obtain any benefits from a supplemental retirement insurance policy? Ask your insurance salesman if he has ever found it necessary to intervene on behalf of a client he has insured. Find out if your broker or agent will go to bat for you if your supplemental disability insurance carrier tries to stonewall and drag out your claim until you go crazy and die. Get your group to ask Glen Castelazo & Associates Supplemental Retirement Insurance in Glendale, CA for the answers to these and other important financial investment questions at your next open enrollment pizza presentation.

Who Is The Real Glen Castelazo?

Water Salesman, Hollywood Union Local 80 Skilled Laborer, Supplemental Retirement Insurance Salesman. Now he wants to be branded as an air salesman? Did you know that there are many exciting new opportunities opening up selling air?  Glen is excited about his new career as a Kangen alkaline water machine salesman and so now he wants branding. “It’s Water!” is his sales mantra. What is Mr. Castelazo really selling? What flavor is the Castelazo Brand?

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