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COVID-19 EMERGENCY – Intentional Failure to Hand Sanitize at Masonic Homes Covina

Michael Magliato’s Willful Failure to Hand Sanitize Jeopardizes the Life of Our 100 Year-Old WWII Veteran Rodney Proett, PM – SMP-307

This morning it was brought to my attention by one of my main sources of information, that Bro. Michael Magliato has not been obeying our new COVID-19 prevention protocols at the Masonic Home Covina. Several residents have observed Mr. Magliato’s failure to hand sanitize when he blows through the dining hall to get his ubiquitous hot-box take-out meals. If Magliato wants to eat his meals in self-imposed isolation that is okay, however he should not be allowed to potentially contaminate the dining hall with the coronavirus. Magliato’s on-going and continual pattern of anti-social behavior at MHC must be curtailed during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Our newest resident, Bro. Rodney Proett, PM, Santa Monica-Palisades 307, out-lived three wives before arriving at MHC. In August Bro. Proett will turn 101 years-old, and he has informed me that he intends to continue living for another one hundred years.

T-4 Tank Technician Proett started out the war at Omaha Beach and then he chased the Germans all the way back to Berlin, by way of the Battle of the Bulge. Bro. Rodney survived WWII, however, he would probably never survive COVID-19 because he is currently being treated for fluid in his lungs.

No Back Door Evading of Hand Sanitizing

Yesterday at lunch, I personally observed Mr. Magliato walking out of the back door at Solomon Square with his hot-box take-out lunch in his hand. He gave me his usual self-satisfied smile that he had broken yet another rule at MHC. Magliato has confided in me that his mission in life is to say “fuck you” to all of his Brother Masons. Like a naive fool I erroneously assumed that Magliato did not include me as one of his “fuckees”.

terrorist death threat magliato
Michael Magliato thrives on creating mayhem at Masonic Homes Covina

Magliato Thrives on Looking and Acting Offensively

Now I see, know and understand that Magliato’s failure to hand sanitize is an intentional “fuck you” to each and every Brother Mason. Magliato wants his failure to hand sanitize to fuck everyone at the Masonic Home Covina. Magliato is a dirty little man with a dirty bike. During the course of any investigation the clean get cleaner and the dirty get dirtier. Magliato is quickly revealing just how dirty he is by intentionally evading hand sanitizing procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

failure to hand sanitize and bike sanitize
Michael Magliato’s bike tells us that the owner is not a hand sanitizing type of person
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