Eternal Transformation

How to Write An Interesting Blog Post –

Humility and Divine Grace:

The key to creating interesting content is to begin with the right graphic design and images. For example I started this blog of with the image of a camel rider because it is very relevant to my life. I live in the desert and the desert and desert people who live near the pyramids are a newsworthy topic.

HUMILITY: Chop wood, carry water

Do the Work

After I select my main image I need an idea. In my personal transformation out here in the desert I am learning authentic humility. Humility is something I need to have more of in my life and so I am writing this blog on divine grace to myself. Maybe you will get something out of it. 


The key to my personal transformation has been my difficulty in learning and feeling authentic humility. On one level even these words and this article are really just an excuse to have something spiritual to write about by using the keyword “humility” as a starting point.

Interesting Lunch Maniac

Yesterday at lunch I caught myself being very overbearing and single minded. I have to pull myself back from telling everyone to switch to Himalayan Pink Salt. Only one year ago I was raving about the superior health benefits of Celtic Light Grey Sea Salt. Just because giving up cheap table salt will cure arthritis and make you skinny doesn’t mean every woman wants to hear about it. I need to be a little more humble and just let it show.

interestingInteresting Promotion

In my real life I need to become more of a program of attraction rather than shameless self-promotion, propaganda and psychological operations. Dr. McDuff taught me by his actions to compartmentalize my professional and personal life. Now that this website has become more powerful I feel the need to become more humble in my day to day life in this 118 degree desert heat. If you want to create interesting original blogs then start with seductive images and text that gives the readers a take-away. This take away is an introduction to using keywords and images. 


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.