Masonic Mormon Mafia

Secret ritual is the common denominator between Masonic ritual, Mormon religion & Mafia crime syndicates.

Masonic Mormon Mafia. These words are grouped together in this blog to attract as many eye balls as possible. Fasten your seat belts. Hold your mobile device close to your face so that you do not drop it. Everything you know is wrong. Your so-called life is just is one great big diversion designed to distract you from the truth. Everything is a lie created to separate you from your freedom.

Powerful entities are working overtime to prevent you from enjoying your true self. You have been intentionally separated from the awe-inspiring beauty and energy of nature. All the answers you will ever need can be obtained by meditating at the beach or in the canyons and hills. You can find everything you need for free right here in the stunning state of California.

Meditate your soul to awaken from the mass hypnosis of the species

Even the major cities are beautiful enough to sit and meditate in here in California. So take a look around and everything you have been missing while you are walking around, head down with phone in hand. Now is the time to awaken from your trance and become enlightened. Wake up and ask yourself: What is the link between Masonic Lodge, Mormon hocus pocus & Mafia death cults? The common denominator is that all three are old-world international secret societies based upon the ritual and rigmarole of sixteenth-century Schaw Lodges in Scotland. Trust me, I’m Scottish.

According to The Craft by James Dickie, Freemasonry and hocus pocus secret ritual made the modern world

Masonry is the oldest of the three M’s and influenced Joseph Smith when he created the Mormon religion. The mafia also based their secret crime syndicate on Masonry. So wake up and smell the deception before the polar ice caps totally melt, your city burns down and Planet Earth dies in horrible agonizing pain. You have been lied to. The only thing that gives me any relief is that the grand children of the Masonic, Mormon, Mafia death cults will drown and burn just like everybody else. No one here gets out alive.

Masons, Mormons and the Mafia symbolize everything that is false

The real perpetrators of the grand lie that seek to exterminate me, you, your children and your children’s children are not exactly the Masons, Mormons and Mafia per se. They just make a great visual motif that symbolizes the imminent destruction of life as we know it. Plus they poetically all begin with the letter M for murder. I just want to wake everybody up. In another year or so when I feel that it is safe for me to once again attend AA and other large in-person gatherings I am going to wake the world up to meditating in silence. Meditation is our only hope for survival in the worst of times and the best of times.

Inside front dust sleeve, The Craft by John Dickie
Try being unique and refrain from mentally masturbating with your phone, it will be good for you

I am truly different from you because I do not walk around gazing hypnotically at my cell phone. It feels good just to meditate on the beauty of West Los Angeles. If you want to learn how easy it is to break out and be happy and free, just hit me up in my suggestion box. Leave your phone number. I can’t email anyone because you could be an agent of Chief David Doan and amateur sleuth James Lincoln Warren. These gentleman or their wives may be using you to hack my email like they are trying to hack this website and my Facebook account. Wake up now. The future is open wide.