Fine Tuning

Reading People As Easy as Looking in the Mirror

Running around Santa Monica and West Los Angeles wearing my all white Kundalini yoga clothes at 6:00 am on Monday, I am getting better and better at reading people just like you read black print on white paper.

White energy

I am a clean white receiver fresh from my full lotus steam room work out.  I learned how to read people by learning to read the full spectrum of emotion on my own face in the mirror.  It gets easier and easier to experience other people as a mirror of my own emotions.

Masculine feminine energy

By learning to finally feel love and compassion I can now see and feel the everyday pain all around me.  Do I feel a need to relieve the pain of Jose Everyman as he gives his normal disapproving look he gives to everyone who is not exactly like him? No, not really. I’ve done all of my volunteer work, including juvenile justice first offender mediation.

Reading people

I just want to practice being a Tantrika on Robertson Boulevard and then go to my laundromat at the beach to wash my white yoga clothes. Reading people is a lot of work. You have to have a weeks worth of white Kundalini yoga clothes to get a good read on your neighbors. I am even going so far as to learn how to wear white and cream together in order to further develop my intuitive powers such as reading people and reality.

Full lotus rising

Reading Reality

By filtering out the man made pollution my newly cleared emotional perception can now experience the infinity of reality.  Everything really is all happening right here right now. This blog is the chronicle of my tantric awakening to my true power.  America offered me a sex change and my own personal biological vaginoplasty, but I declined. My country will have to accept my decision to develop my feminine intuition with yoga instead of sex reassignment surgery.

Reading people as myself

By transforming myself into a Tantrika I have finally become who I really am. All it took was everything I had. My life is about decades of yoga, meditation and study.  And now all of that hard spiritual work has paid off with a refined sense of intuition that enables me to read people by their vibrational tone and color.