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I WENT TO THE FORTUNE TELLER: Map the Pattern, Connect the Emotions, “Fore-Feel” Your Future!

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Death, Meditation and Intentional Intuition


self hatred projected patternsContemplating my eventual death during meditation facilitated the development of my intuition. Once you know death then everything else is all downhill and life becomes intuitive. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone and living without a body is the ultimate liberation. Becoming more intimate with my own eventual death has made me more intuitively intimate with my own body, mind and soul in the here and now. Then you can become a child of God.

Near Death Experience or Intuition?

Learning to see the patterns in your life is crucial to developing your intuitional thinking skills. I have had three major close encounters with death. Once while body surfing drunk on codeine as a teenager in Malibu. When I was fifty-seven I almost willed my own passing due to the pain of the initial shingles rash during mediation and a few months later I died of a heart attack and was brought back to life with emergency cardiac by-pass surgery. What is the pattern?  Even now my mind and my intuition are still processing these events in the spiritual non-verbal language of intuition that speaks only within my own heart. Intuition is non-verbal, of course. 

These were important spiritual experiences that not only put me on intimate footing with death but also opened up my spiritual intuition while processing these experiences. Spiritual matters are spiritually discerned. My ongoing intimacy with death has sharpened my intuition of spiritual realms. 

emotional intelligenceEmotions Are Intuition Receptors

Emotions are spiritual senses of the soul speaking the private language of intuition. Nature is the symbol of spirit and when I meditate in nature the spirit world is more easily accessible to me.  

In the golden silence and blissful solitude of the new desert morning my spiritual senses open up and take in the pink clouds, the natural symbol of God the creator.

Meditate on the spirit of nature as the very air you breath. Meditate your breath as spirit carrying intuitional wisdom.

Create a world of wisdom instead of thrills, spills and chills. The loud chaos of pop culture will soon become a foreign language if you learn to speak inner God talk. My soul projects your own light into your higher consciousness.  Shine on! 


Meditate Upon Your Own Death

Sitting quietly in your meditative space go to thoughts of your own eventual death and passing out of this world taking only your consciousness with you. Keep breathing. Become more and more sensitive to your breath. Be as sensitive and attentive to your breath as can. Sensitivity to your breathing develops sensitivity to intuition.

fearless deathAccept the simple fact that someday you will die, and try to imagine what your death will be like. Accept the fact that the hour of your death will come for you, take a deep breath and let it all out as you observe your life in one big exhale. 

Look back on your whole life from this moment backwards. What did you leave behind for others to find? What did you take and where did you do? Your body will pass but then others will come to replace you and then they too will leave and be replaced by others. Did you leave anything special behind like Mother Teresa or Ghandi did? Do you hang out with people who have elevated social and emotional consciousness? Or did you decadently wrap yourself in the narcissistic  comfort of hedonistic lifestyle ego like I did?

Does contemplating your own death make you appreciate the preciousness of each moment? When you know death there is no taking life for granted. Die now so that you may live. That’s what I did.