Desperate Desert Cops & Confidential Informants

Yesterday the Desert Sun published a detailed investigative report by journalist Christopher Damien on desert cop Travis Chapman of the Desert Hot Springs Police Department. Officer Chapman didn’t really commit any heinous offenses. Mr. Chapman may have gotten a desperate blow job or two but that’s probably about it. Chapman was sexting his heroin addicted confidential informant in an effort to obtain information on stolen automobiles. The C.I. was a woman, how boring. Too bad it wasn’t a gay relationship because that would have made a much more interesting story for a Sunday morning. Still it was worth using up one of my free monthly articles from The Desert Sun. It is important for desert reporters to stay on desert cops with hard hitting investigative reporting. The crisp photographs by Jay Calderon make me feel like I am in the desert for the New Year Holiday talking to a clueless Palm Springs Police detective.

Detective Castillo Requests Community Assistance

Detective Castillo of the Palm Springs Police Department requests community cross-jurisdictional assistance in apprehending members of the John Herriot child trafficking network.

Cathedral City Cops

The Cathedral City Police Department is temporarily under-resourced and over-deployed at the Cathedral City Boys Club. Detective Castillo of the Palm Springs Police needs someone to investigate 29613 Calle Tampico in Cathedral City. Castillo needs the names of the parents who are bringing their children to John Herriot at this address.

Youth League Baseball Uniforms

Who are John Herriot and Jeffrey Cowan selling little league baseball uniforms to? Det. Castillo would like data concerning the grooming of children with baseball equipment and uniforms. Herriot is known to operate in Yucca Valley and Desperate Hot Springs. If you see Mr. Herriot you should follow him and investigate him because he is unarmed and not dangerous.