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The Masonic Investigator

Every Freemason Application is Thoroughly Investigated

Every Freemason is subjected to rigorous secret committee investigation. Applicant’s for Entered Apprentice Mason with insufficient residence are subject to mandatory rejection. Many applications are rejected for lack of proper mental qualifications. Some men are turned down for physical limitations. Size matters in Freemasonry. The screening is exhaustive and time consuming. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Sometimes the walls come tumbling down.

If you are interested in becoming a professional investigator then you are well suited for Freemasonry. Freemasonry is like going to detective school on nights and weekends. Many LAPD detectives are Masons because Freemasons love investigative work. Sometimes young Masons are even mentored by older Masons who are experienced law enforcement professionals.

Secret Committee of Three

The California Masonic Code states that all applications for Freemason degrees are referred to an investigating committee of three. Each member of the investigating committee is only known to the Master of the Lodge and not known to each other member of the committee. It is the duty of each member of the committee to make strict examination into the moral, mental, physical and other proper qualifications of the applicant. If an applicant is living in an RV a vehicle inspection may be required. Each member of the investigating committee must inform himself as to the character of the applicant.

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Unreliable Investigation is Dereliction of Masonic Duty

A secret committee of three member is guilty of a serious neglect of duty under certain circumstances. If he reports favorably on an application without reliable information as to all matters on which the Lodge requires advice he may be guilty of dereliction of Masonic duty. A secret committee of three member may not delegate or subcontract his responsibilities.

It some cases it may be advisable to covertly follow the applicant to his domicile without his knowledge. A Masonic investigator who wants to earn extra credit may even decide to interview the applicant incognito in an undercover format. The applicant could be a spy with bad intentions upon the Craft.

The Ethnic Scotsman

Or your prospect could be an ethnic Scotsman on his McHero’s Journey. In such case a true Son of Adam requires little or no screening into the Ancient Orders. A McAdam is born a Mason in his heart at birth. However even a verified Scotsman must complete his formal Masonic education and be raised to Master in a duly tiled Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons.

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The California Masonic Code Requires a Two Part Investigative Report

Firstly, the report of each member of the investigating committee sets forth in detail the facts ascertained respecting the applicant. Document and organize all facts obtained by conducting personal interviews and utilizing online investigation tools. Spend the money on a credit check and DMV printout. You never know who you are really dealing with until you dig deep into that man’s past.

FACTUAL EXAMPLE: “The applicant has lived aboard his self-designed $2,000,000 yacht for the requisite twelve (12) months. Said vessel is berthed in a $20,500/per month boat slip at the best dock in Marina del Rey, California. The prospective initiate is a Hollywood movie director who also owns a penthouse in New York and a villa in the south of France. His Los Angeles Unified School District cumulative reports are all positive for good character except for one emotional outburst in third grade. We can’t find anyone who has a bad word to say about him.”

Secondly is that committee member’s conclusion on the applicant’s qualifications. A Mason is personally responsible for his analysis. Once the applicant is raised to Master he cannot be expelled except by Grand Lodge. The Lodge has no means of disciplining a brother once he is a Master. Even if he is made a Freemason by error, he still remains a Mason for life unless Grand Lodge holds a trial in San Francisco. Only the Grand Lodge of California has disciplinary jurisdiction over the California Freemason.

CONCLUSIONARY EXAMPLE: “I vouch for this man of the world and say make him a Mason on sight! The brother is a Mason in his heart and worthy of initiation by virtue of his robust moral fiber and refreshing authenticity. This lively prospect demonstrates a contagious love of God and country, excellent communication skills and gentlemanly demeanor. He is a virile applicant and therefore a bit headstrong but he will learn to subdue his passions and improve himself in the due course of his Masonic education. A little rough around the edges, however he is a good man and we will inspire him to become even better. As the rough Ashlar is made smooth by the ritual practice of Freemasonry, so shall this virtual Pygmalion be transformed by the light into a temple of great refinement and sophistication.”

Any Negative Conclusions Must be Addressed at This Time or They are Forever Waived

“Although the applicant has received at least part of his formal education under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Church he has not yet taken vows nor has he been ordained by the Papists and therefore this will not be counted against him at this time. It may take a lot of work to make him perfect but he is worthy of our efforts. Initiate this spirited applicant into our fraternity at once!

One Out of Three Gets The Application Rejected

If any member of the committee reports unfavorable on the applicant or if a report demonstrates that the applicant is in anyway not qualified or unworthy to be made a Freemason his application is rejected. The rejection is reported at the next stated meeting.

YOU CAN BE REJECTED WITHOUT CAUSE AT ANY TIME IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO BEING ENTERED AS AN APPRENTICE! | Any Mason or non-Mason may object to application all the way up until just before the Apprentice is ritually entered in a tiled Lodge of Freemasons. No cause needs to be stated if he is not yet an EA. The Apprentice could be changing his clothes into ritual and getting ready. If someone walks in off the street and says they object then the applicant may never become a Freemason. The Master must investigate all objections against the applicant. It is very easy for anybody to reject the applicant.

Even after the Apprentice is entered but prior to being raised to Master Mason, anyone may still object however at this late stage cause must be stated. I think this happened to an EA named John who has a large tattoo of his wife covering his back. I think John got rejected prior to being raised because I don’t see him or his name around anymore. I thought his name was John Brown and he was a licensed building contractor in West L.A. but I could be mistaken. This was in 2008-2009 at the 307.

Only After Both A Legal Trial and Subsequent Grand Lodge Trial Can a Mason Be Expelled From Freemasonry

The good news is that once you are in this white collar gang you are in for life. Only your Grand Lodge has disciplinary jurisdiction over you once you are raised to Master Mason. Even paying dues is a voluntary contract between the Mason and his Lodge.

No Expulsion for Delinquent Dues

Contrary to popular belief, no Freemason can be expelled for non-payment of Masonic dues to his Lodge. Your Lodge can only suspend your membership for delinquent dues and prevent you from attending Lodge. A Lodge cannot expel anyone for anything. Everything disciplinary must go through Grand Lodge.

Only the Grand Lodge of California in San Francisco, California can expel a California Freemason and it has never been done before. Pursuant to the Masonic Code, to expel a Mason a trial must be conducted by the Grand Lodge with evidence presented.

According to Wikipedia only three people have ever been expelled from Freemasonry. They were all heinous European mass murderers who had already been properly tried, convicted and sentenced to death in the appropriate courts of legal jurisdiction. Once you are in the mafia you are in until you die. No one here gets out alive.

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Is your house too small? Are you making too much noise or violating zoning restrictions? Do your neighbors like your music on Facebook? If you have applied to become a Freemason your life becomes an open ebook.

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California Masonic Code §804.350. WITHDRAWAL OF APPLICATION. Automatic Rejection for Insufficient Residence

The investigating committee will make a special report if it finds the applicant subject to mandatory disqualification for no reason other than the following:

1. Insufficient residence;
2. Physical or mental disability;
3. Your application is received within 12 months after your rejection by another duly tiled Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons.

Your Rejection Will Be Reported to Other Freemason Lodges

The Master of the Lodge may then direct the withdrawal of the application without further action. Your rejection will be entered on the record. This will then be reported to all Freemason Lodge’s within a ten mile radius. This makes it very difficult for undesirable characters to become Freemasons. Therefore once you become a Freemason you can rest assured that you are in good company. You may even end up as a seasoned Masonic investigator!

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