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Blown Away By My First iPad

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This is my first blog from my new iPad.  I’m sitting outside at the Bay Club at King Harbor in Redondo Beach.  There are two bottles of wine and no people.  This morning I took my third class at Yoga West.  I will go online and reserve tomorrow’s class now.


FIrst Dictation Paragraph 

Now I have Thursday and Friday booked also. Blissful from the South Bay to Beverly Hills at the Bay Club I am finally inspired to blog after a two month hiatus during my move from the Desert to the beach.  I’m going to try to write this blog by dictation it works incredible.

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I’m sitting in my van at Moon Stone Park dictating this blog from my iPad into my manged WordPress hosting on the nefarious GoDaddy, my long time free tech advice gone with the big gun rhino chaser Bob Whoever. This is absolutely incredible.

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The microphone icon on the iPad works with WordPress. I am learning this while I am dictating this I am so stoked that I have relocated to the McDonald’s in Redondo Beach next to Saint James Catholic Church where I am drinking a large coffee. The parking lot of the Redondo Beach McDonalds is like a park.

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This is the first blog I have ever written about nothing this blog is about technology now I see why a lot of riders don’t use capital letters or periods. Because the dictation doesn’t use capital letters and less there’s a way to train it to use capital letters.

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It’s exhilarating to have this power in my hands. The power to blog by dictating. I waited too long to get the iPhone and I waited too long to get the iPad. The only thing  I have needed my laptop for  late is to download and save images. I haven’t figured out how to work the iCloud like a hard drive on the iPad.

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The iPad truly blows me away. I can’t wait to get more and more into it. See how glib I’ve become by dictating instead of writing?

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