Sins of the Fathers

cowan goldhammer

Jarrad Cowan Goldhammer Must Now Bear The Sins (And The Face!) of His Negligent Father Jeffrey Cowan Goldhammer

jeffrey r cowan restraining order

Jeffrey Goldhammer changed his name to Jeffrey Cowan and as a result, he cannot retrieve unclaimed property his late great father Harry Goldhammer left to him because Jeffrey Goldhammer no longer exists!  Jeffrey Goldhammer has stocks, bonds and real property that he cannot claim because he changed his name in a metaphoric childhood act of smearing his baby feces upon his bedroom wall!

jeffrey cowan cpa 29613 Calle Tampico Restraining Order

Jarrad Cowan Goldhammer must now bear the lifelong pain and suffering of having a father so incompetent that he burns money.  Jeffrey Cowan is a red Hawaiian shirt-wearing, drooling shit-talker who loves to torment anyone unfortunate enough to get near him. I pity any blood relation of Jeff Cowan, I pray to God to ease your long-suffering eyeballs injured by his his intentionally malevolent visage. Jeff Cowan intentionally dresses, slobbers and makes snide remarks even when politely asked through the years to cease his repulsive behavior.  Jarrad Cowan Goldhammer should sue his incompetent father for recovery of 40 shares of blue chip stock that are soon to revert back to the State:

Harry & Claire Goldhammer Get the Last Laugh

harry & claire goldhammer

The Goldhammer Who Laughs Last, Laughs Loudest!

Can you imagine having a degenerate son who changes his last name to match that of his illegitimate son?  When he was young Jeff Goldhammer was lucky enough to have the human contact with Wendi Cowan that led to the birth of Jarrad Cowan Goldhammer.  Jeff blamed the pregnancy on the nice girl who made a big mistake.  Jeff Cowan Goldhammer was sued for paternity and child support in order to care for his offspring that he spawned. Jeff ripped off Jarrad’s future so that the money could be squandered on second cars and left to die in an unclaimed property account with the State of California.

jeff cowan 29613 Calle Tampico Restraining Order

Jeff Cowan is an intentionally infectious emotional disease as evidenced by the non-life of his son Jarrad. The unfortunate Jarrad Cowan has been mentally damaged by his father.  Jarrad is forced to live with his mother and grandparents because Jeff Cowan refuses to take responsibility for his actions.  Mr. Jeffrey Cowan derives great pleasure in creating confusion, anxiety and suffering: 

jeffrey robert goldhammer jeffrey robert cowan

Jeff Cowan is especially cruel and punishing to members of his immediate family.  The dearly departed Harry Goldhammer was a US Armed Services WWII Combat Veteran, Freemason and wildly successful Southern California retail liquor sales genius.  Harry and Claire have been dishonored and disrespected by their middle son Jeffrey Goldhammer who needs to be institutionalized for wearing a lavender shirt at Lori Goldhammer’s funeral service  because he wanted to intentionally offend and revolt his family and their friends. Jeffrey Robert Cowan himself has no friends because he intentionally drives them away with his snide disagreeable criminal personality. The only unsavory characters willing to hang out with Jeff Cowan are other criminals such as John Herriot, Danny Wellchhance, Tony Merker and Pablo Rivera. Hold on to your money and your life because Jeff and his associates want to flush it down the toilet.

jeff cowans back yard  

Cowan Goldhammer Wants to Deprive You Of Your Happiness

Jeff Cowan is the scorpion wanting you to be the frog that will carry him across the stream in order to sting you and kill you, and thereby drown the both of you. Jeff Cowan has a sign on his back that reads: I am buzz kill intentionally keeping you from away from the money and happiness that is rightfully yours.  I will offend and revolt the both of us as I cut off my nose to spite your face!” 

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