What Type of Law Does Jeffrey Robert Calvert Practice?

jeff calvert pedophile attorney
What does that photoshopped dirt on your facebook profile mean captain?

Dear Jeff Calvert Pedophile Attorney:

I know you’re a real nudist because of the way you arrogantly come out to the pool to perfect your suntan without speaking to anyone. Forgive me if I am wrong but since I never see you intimately involved with any men at the Fall Gathering I am assuming you prefer young boys?  One thing for sure, Jeff Calvert pedophile attorney provides plenty of ideas for blog topics

Recently I get the feeling that I am being ostracized and excluded for my healthy appetite for sexual intimacy with other adult men. I never see you, John Herriot or Rick Boehle with other men. Do you discriminate against non-pedophiles?

John Herriot said that you are maintaining that there is a restraining order against me preventing me from attending your CMEN private boy over club. Please be advised that there is no legal order or mandate restricting my liberty and there never has been. I would appreciate it if you could use your Calvert pedophile attorney skills to draft a written statement that there is no judicial restriction upon my personal freedom.

Also please be advised that it is my intent to fully exercise my freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly and petition to conduct my legal investigation of all Jeffrey Robert Calvert pedophile attorney allegations that have crossed my laptop. I am going to find out what you do sir.  Your attempts to slander and defame my bad reputation are causing me harm in my personal companionship career. If you choose to drag yourself down to my level then I demand royalties and licensing fees for your unjust enrichment and prevention of my economic growth and opportunity.

calvert pedophile attorneyHow Has Calvert Pedophile Attorney Organized the Business Entity Known as CMEN?

I want my free lunch too sir.  If I’m not invited to your little shindig then I’m taking your football and going home with it. You can’t run around as a passable woman in a dress (you do the shoes right, just like I would if I was into wasting good money on women’s clothes and accessories) and then not allow me to also run around in a dress.  I am jealous and angry that I cannot attend the Malibu Gatherings and dress up in the high quality name brand black dresses you provide for the events. Good job but now I’m mad I can’t wear your old dresses anymore because you won’t let me come to the party. Gatherings are not supposed to exclude. I have to shut you down because now all the little queens are spreading generations of lies about my non-attendance at the Gatherings. If I can’t go they you guys can’t go and talk about me. Shut down the Gathering before I shut it down for you sir. What about tax status compliance with the IRS? What about civil rights? What about business licensing and permits? As an attorney you are held to a higher standard sir. Please address these serious violations of human decency.

Request for Jeff Calvert Pedophile Attorney to Make Dean McAdams Whole

Please stop CMEN from making misrepresentations about me. What if I die of a heart attack and the world goes on believing your lies? What if your lies are giving me a heart attack? You leave me no other option than to silence you with these blogs. What other alternative do I have? 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.