8-25-2021 Update: Mr. Cowan was released from Riverside on August 3, 2021 and Arrested for Warrants on August 7, 2021 in Havasu.

July 22, 2021 UPDATE: Jeff is now entering into his third month of custody as his matter has been continued to 9:00AM on August 3, 2021. I heard his public defender say that she had to research the new matter that has been added to his charges. Jeff now has a civil harassment restitution order added at the bottom of his new booking information. This order was discussed in chambers and therefore I do not know the details. Charge number three below is a family law domestic violence restraining order. Family law matters are all confidential. That is why this order was discussed in chambers. Who has a family law domestic violence restraining order against defendant Cowan?

Incarcerated defendant Jeffrey Cowan has an automatic bail hearing along with a pre-trial hearing coming up next Wednesday morning at 10:30 AM in Department 3T at the Indio Larson Justice Center. Thank you to investigator K.R. for legal researching that Jeff’s court appearances are held in Department 3T.

Yesterday at the hearing on the return his psychological examination by the jail doctor Jeff was deemed ineligible for mental health diversion pursuant to Penal Code 1001.35, 1001.36. At next Wednesday’s automatic bail hearing and pre-trial hearing there is a very slight possibility that Jeff could be released from custody. He has four separate case numbers and a separate separate bail hearing is listed with each one, along with a pre-trial hearing for each count on the court calendar for August 3, 2021:

At Jeff’s court proceeding next Wednesday morning, the court can do one of four things:

  1. Release defendant Jeff Cowan on his own recognizance (“OR release”);
  2. Require Mr. Cowan to post a new, or in a higher amount of “bail” than he has already posted with the court through the bond that he jumped while he was out on bail with Anthony Adornetto Bail Bonds
  3. Release Cowan subject to conditions other than the payment of bail; (highly unlikely since he has already jumped bail once) or
  4. If Cowan some how picks up another charge of violent felony while he is still in jail, the judge would be forced to deny bail and deny Jeff’s release entirely. -Shouse Law Firm

Will one of my information sources such as F.D. please provide me with more information

F.D. has been an excellent source of information for this blog regarding Jeff and the jail doctor. F.D. told me about Jeff’s manipulation of the jail psychiatrist. If that jail doctor had of written a report that Jeff was bipolar or schizophrenic then Jeff could have applied for mental health diversion and he could have been released. I looked up Penal Code 1001.35 and 1001.36. Mental health diversion is similar to drug diversion. Successful completion of mental health diversion could have erased all of the charges that Jeff is facing. I was amazed to learn that successful completion of mental health diversion even seals an arrest record.

Jeff’s professional licensing is in jeopardy

I will do some research, however I think Jeff’s Certified Public Accountant license could be revoked just for being arrested. If he is convicted of his crimes Jeff’s teaching credential and CPA license could be adversely affected and he may never be able to teach in any school again. Maybe I should notify the California State Board of Accountancy about the criminal mind of defendant Jeffrey Robert Cowan.

jeff's small claims lawsuit
When Jeff applied for a teaching job in Palm Springs, Lavrie J. Myers of the Palm Springs Unified School District required Jeff to pay $100 to renew his teaching credential. Unreasonable bastard Mr. Cowan refused to pay the measly $100 and sued her personally in small claims court. You can’t sue an employee, you must name the PSUSD as a defendant. Such a small and petty man.