Jeff Cowan on YouTube complains that when the police respond to complaints at his home they are not wearing masks.

A great big thank you goes out to A.B. for tipping me off to village idiot Jeff Cowan on YouTube meetings of the Lake Havasu City Council meetings. Bisou Bisou!

Last night I had a nice one hour telephone conversation with Jeffrey Cowan crime victim K.R. In answer to K.R.’s questions as to why Jeffrey Cowan is sending her family anonymous and harassing cards and letters my answer was because Jeff has nothing better to do with his time. To witness for your self how he has absolutely nothing going on in his life you can watch the hilarious Jeffrey R. Cowan on YouTube.

Jeff needs other people to inflict himself upon

Jeff once told me that he cannot stand simply kicking back at home or he will go “antsy”. People like Jeffrey Cowan cannot stand to be alone with their hideous selves. During the city council meeting Jeff tries to ask the Lake Havasu City mayor questions to which the mayor responds that government meetings are not two-way conversations. Jeff so desperately needs someone to talk to that he is using city council meetings as his social outlet. Mr. Cowan is used to living in big cities where he can remain obnoxiously anonymous. Now he is in for a rude awakening as to what it is like living in a small town where everybody knows your business. Jeff Cowan will soon be known as the village idiot of Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

I have been informed by F.D. that Jeff is finding lots of nice people to socialize with in jail. Jails are schools for self-entitled law breakers like Mr. Cowan. When Jeff Cowan finally gets out of jail he will probably have lots of new “friends” to hang out with. I fear for Jeff’s neighbors and the community at large when this happens.

Jeff Cowan on YouTube complains to the Lake Havasu City council that when LHC police are dispatched to his home the are not wearing masks.

All Jeff is really doing on YouTube is underhanded self-aggrandizement

You have to see the delusional Jeff Cowan giving himself a pat on the back on YouTube to believe it. He begins by alleging that Los Angeles has the worst police officers in the country and that Lake Havasu City has the best. Next he immediately complains that when the Lake Havasu City Police Department are dispatched to his home they are not wearing masks!

The sub-text of what Mr. Cowan is really doing is voicing his specific complaints about Lake Havasu City Police Department Officer Michael Malloy. Jeff states that he is making a $100 donation to the LHCPD to purchase masks, because he knows that the LHCPD officers do not make a lot of money. Jeff then goes into self-aggrandizement about what a wonderful life of retirement he is enjoying. Next he immediately contradicts himself by launching into a cringe worthy self-promotion that he won’t stop working because he is a workaholic not an alcoholic. Jeff Cowan actually complains to the Lake Havasu City Council on YouTube that there are a lot of alcoholics in Lake Havasu City. It is no wonder that the police in Lake Havasu City are doing their best to keep Jeff in jail.

In the second video the city council makes an off-camera request that Jeff change out of his trashy psychedelic shirt
jeff cowan on youtube
In “Watch Last Night’s City Council Meeting (2-23-21)” – THE COUNCIL MADE JEFF CHANGE OUT OF THIS PSYCHEDELIC CAT SHIRT (however this request is not on the video)
jeff cowan on youtube
So he changes from psychedelic to this pink t-shirt!

Jeff on YouTube in his pink t-shirt complains that there is no bus service in Lake Havasu City, but that he doesn’t really care because he has two cars. The mayor informs Jeff that there is a transportation program available. Jeff is such an idiot he doesn’t even know that all small towns are required by law to provide some type of inexpensive Dial-a-Ride service.

Jeff makes two appearances in two different costume changes at one city council meeting:
Here is Jeff on YouTube appearing twice at the same Lake Havasu City Council meeting, once in psychedelic tie dyed and once in pink

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.