Cops cannot be sued in small claims court

October 22, 2020: Cowan Sues Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy Whitley in Small Claims Court.

cowan sues riverside sheriff
Jeffrey R. Cowan’s Small Claims Lawsuit against Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy Bryan Whitley

Illustrating just how small a human being this man, is on October 22, 2020 Jeff Cowan sues Riverside Sheriff in Small Claims Court, naming Deputy Bryan Whitley as a defendant. Then, on April 13, 2021, Riverside County Sheriff Bryan Whitley obtained a restraining order against Mr. Cowan. As to be expected from this bad actor, on May 23, 2021 Cowan violated the restraining order and was arrested at his home in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

I don’t need to pay for these particular court documents – experience tells me they contain no useful information

I don’t need to pay for the court documents in this ludicrous case because as an experienced paralegal, I can read a case just by scrutinizing the free public information available online. The docket tells me that in typical fashion, Jeff Cowan did not appear for the telephonic hearing in this matter and his small claims lawsuit was dismissed. Filing these papers illustrates what an ignorant asshole Jeff Cowan really is.

cowan sues riverside sheriff
These documents are not free and they will not contain very much information

Small claims is not the proper jurisdiction and venue for an action against a police officer. Any attorney, paralegal, or even a good legal secretary knows that you can’t sue a police officer in state court. Cops must always be sued in United States District Court in the form of a federal police misconduct lawsuit. It is very difficult to win a case against a police officer. Jeff is just a very small human being with very small grievances.

Jeff spent four months locked-up in the Riverside County Jail jail for all of this

In true and perfect karma, Jeff Cowan spent almost four months in the Riverside County Jail for all of his petty criminal behavior. Cowan sues Riverside Sheriff and Cowan ends up a registered sex offender for indecent exposure while incarcerated in the Riverside County Jail. Jeff Cowan has a lot of enemies for sure, but Jeff Cowan is truly Jeff Cowan’s worst enemy.

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Jeff Cowan will never teach school again because of bad reviews

Jeffrey Robert Cowan has received such bad reviews as a substitute teacher that he will never teach school again in this lifetime. Jeff has made a promise to spend the rest of his lifetime prosecuting Deputy Whitley to the fullest extent of the law. Likewise, this blog has made a lifetime commitment to publishing the legal difficulties Mr. Cowan faces in the achievement of this goal.

No educational institution can ever hire a Level 1 registered sex offender like Jeff Cowan

Even though Jeff is only a Level 1 sex offender, no school could ever hire him to be with children again. College students are not even safe with this monster. Jeff Cowan really went down a slippery slope when he started threatening and harassing the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. However Jeff’s biggest mistake was when he stole my Nissan Sentra, Lenovo laptop and flat screen TV when he was my landlord in 2017. Jeff Cowan can rest assured that I will spend the rest of my lifetime prosecuting him by publishing these blogs about his criminal behavior.

Jeff Cowan’s November 9, 2020 letter to the Riverside County Sherriff’s Department

By Dean McAdams

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