Jeff Cowan makes threat to prosecute Riverside County Sheriff’s Department for the remainder of his lifetime

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Jeff Cowan’s lifetime threat to the Sheriff deserves lifetime coverage by this blog.

Two days ago on February 11, 2022, I received an email and documents asking me to write more articles about cowardly Cowan. Thank you for communication like that. Your email gets me energized. It is a lot of work to keep up with paranoid schizophrenic Jeff Cowan, especially when he is off his meds. Jeff really paints a target on his own back with his bad acting. Mr. Cowan places himself in the cross-hairs of law enforcement as well as all the unhinged characters roaming around the Mojave desert from Palm Springs to Havasu. But the really bad news for Cowan is that he inspires third parties to send me emails and documents. So here is my response to that nice email asking me to protect school children and college students from the dangerous Mr. Cowan. Jeff Cowan’s lifetime threat to write harassing letters to Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco & Deputy B. Whitley deserves a lifetime commitment from this blog to prosecute Mr. Cowan by publishing these blogs.

Restraining Orders Against Havasu Village Idiot Cowan

Deputy Whitley found it necessary to have counsel for the Sheriff’s Dept. take out a restraining order against Cowan. Who will take out a restraining order against the threatening and bullying coward Cowan for you? That is the function of this blog, to protect you the public from perpetrators and predators of low level sex crimes. Jeff Cowan is a Level 1 sex offender whom you will not find in any online sex offender registries. Therefore this blog is your online quasi-restraining order protecting the general public against cowardly Cowan. Jeff likes to threaten his fellow teachers and school administrators as well as law enforcement officers. Cowan needs to be locked-up now, before he becomes the next school shooter.

restraining order re Jeff Cowan's lifetime threat to RCSD deputy b whitley

Do-Not-Hire as educator

In much the same way that the restraining order protects Deputy Whitley from the criminal conduct of Cowan, these blogs protect the public from the cowardly acts of Jeffrey Robert Cowan, C.P.A.

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Protect your children from this slobbering lunatic

This blog has placed Jeff Cowan on the do-not-hire registry to protect public schools, community colleges and other institutions from his indecent conduct. Cowan may be actively seeking employment as a college accounting instructor or emergency substitute public school teacher. Professor Cowan could be looking for work anywhere from his home lair in Lake Havasu City to Yuma, Casa Grande or even Tucson, Arizona. Do not even grant this dangerous deviant an interview. If you Google “jeff cowan palm springs school district dismissal letter” the document will be the number two listing on page one. It is documents such as official letters and licenses that really make this website rank high in the search engines.

Thank you to my contributors

So thank you to everyone who keeps me informed about the criminal conduct of Level 1 registered sex offender Jeffrey Robert Cowan. Most importantly, thank you for the official documents!

response to jeff cowan's lifetime threat
Jeff’s brain is to be donated to forensic science for the study of criminal pathology.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.