The Criminals Are Controlling The Courthouse


Re: Herriot v. McAdams
Riverside Superior Court Case No. PSC 1606 342
Voluntary Megan’s Law Registration of CMEN General Counsel Jeffrey Calvert, Esq. 

Dear Mr. Sherron:

One of my suggestions for our upcoming mediation in the above-referenced matter would be supervision of your client by a full time Uber driver to prevent teenage human trafficking. This would of course be at Mr. Herriot’s expense. Uber driver’s have demonstrated effectiveness in combating child sex trafficking at the local level here in California.

Another suggestion would be voluntary Megan’s Law registration of CMEN Chief Trial Attorney Jeffrey Calvert, Esq.  I only Googled your client John Herriot’s name upon Calvert’s representation that there was a valid and enforceable court order restricting the personal liberty of a human trafficking investigator. If Mr. Calvert is going to abuse his authority as a quasi-officer of the court in order to shield a violent criminal then he should be held accountable for his actions. Voluntary Megan’s Law registration of Calvert, Richard Boehle, Charles Kenyon, Steve Fuji, PJ Escobar, Pete Cutter and A. Fluffy Bunny would prevent CMEN from attempting to use the legal system as a shield in order to brandish the sword of Philadelphia Pedophilia.

What Causes Philadelphia Pedophila?

California Men Enjoying Naturism is the racketeer influenced corrupt organization that enables Philadelphia Pedophila to operate unfettered.  Mass gay hysteria combined with corrupt and incompetent legal advice creates the phenomenon of group narcissism. CMEN is facilitating circumvention of Megan’s Law by allowing pedophiles to avoid listing residency at two-week homosexual nudist gatherings & massage events and out-of-state gay nudist resorts. 

philadelphia pedophiliaAs discussed in his Application for Temporary Restraining Order Against Dean McAdams, Herriot and CMEN have hired three separate attorneys to protect the practice of Philadelphia Pedophila: 1. Calvert, 2. Marcus Bastida, and 3. Alvin B. Sherron.  What does that tell us? This tells us that Herriot does not have a legal leg to stand on no matter how many lawyers he hires. This also indicates a clear and continual pattern of ongoing abuse of the legal process. Plaintiff Herriot is attempting to create mass hysteria by convincing CMEN and Calvert that Defendant McAdams is enjoined by a non-existent restraining order. The bottom line is that Herriot has no facts and no law that permit him to operate a pedophile chat room from Camp Shalom Malibu, Starland, or Whispering Oaks. And you can forget Philly too for that matter. Charles Kenyon, Jr. must be restrained from sexually assaulting Dean McAdams. Kenyon started this epic by kissing a yogi without his permission in Chatsworth, CA. So cease and desist the illegal sex parties if you can’t handle the semen.  

megan's law violatorSWAMP THING:  The court denied Herriot’s request for a TRO based upon a lack of facts and law. The court denied Herriot’s lawsuit because Herriot is wrong.  During the course of any criminal investigation, the clean get cleaner and the dirty get dirtier.  Herriot is so filthy that by the time his boy lover club trafficking operation is fully exposed, John Herriot will need a twenty year federal prison sentence to clean himself up and repay his debt to society.

Dean McAdams
Investigative Blogger

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