Jeffrey Cowan, Certified Mentally Ill Sex Offender

Jeffrey Cowan, CPA, Level 1 Registered Gay Sex Offender

The tortured face of hysterical Havasu homosexual Jeffrey Cowan is a mirror of his aberrated soul. Cowan looks like a walking disease. The Arizona vigilantes have launched a campaign to investigate and terminate this contagious public danger. Even his sister Karen Grant publicly posts on Facebook that Jeff is psychotic and in need of help.

jeffrey cowan is severely mentally ill

It turns out the Jeff did get help, but not voluntarily. Jeffrey Cowan is under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Mental Health Court for his bipolar schizophrenia.

Jeff Cowan’s hygiene is deplorable and he has the most disgusting toe nail fungus of anyone except for his accounting client, registered child sex offender John Herriot.

Never rent a room in the Lake Havasu City home where Jeffrey Cowan, CPA resides. If I were you I would stay as far away from this creep as possible. Have you ever heard Jeff brag about how he anonymously sends deceitful shit-talking letters? Everything about this obnoxious, vexations foul smelling animal is an affront to human decency. When I was Mr. Cowan’s tenant in Palm Springs he stole my car, flat screen TV and laptop computer. That was a few years ago and since then Cowan has become even more brazen. Fortunately his bad karma has caught up with him. Fritz Dean opines on Facebook that Cowan is going to be in jail for a long time.

Jeff is in jail facing multiple counts of violating a court order, violating domestic restraining orders, theft, battery and indecent exposure to a Riverside County Deputy Sheriff while he was incarcerated. Scores of decent people in California, Nevada and Arizona are celebrating the fact that this scumbag has been in jail for over two months.

jeff cowan goldhammer 26105 F Frampton Ave Harbor City CA former residence of criminal defendant Jeff Cowan Goldhammer, 2617 Titan Lane Lake Havasu City AZ currently in jail
find free criminal information jeff cowan sheriff department booking
riverside county district attorney

The dishonest bullshit of a psychopath

Jeffrey Cowan proudly writes about how he idiotically changed his name from Goldhammer to Cowan. When Jeff got Wendi Cowan pregnant he refused to marry her. Then when his son Jarrad Cowan was born, Jeff Goldhammer changed his name to Jeff Cowan to piss of everybody in his family and it worked.

jeffrey cowan title page

have you been stalked by jeff cowan
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Jeffrey Cowan is a paranoid schizophrenic who drives his white Mustang convertible around Palm Springs wearing only his Jockey underwear and ubiquitous red shirt. His criminal associates Danny Wellchance, Tony Merker and Pablo Sergio Rivera are known to threaten, annoy and steal from peoplee all over the desert.  

On May 21, 2017 the Palm Springs Police Department responded to a 911 emergency welfare check request upon Jeff Cowan allegedly made by Mr. Rodger Morris of Cathedral City, CA. Mr. Morris may not have actually made this 911 call to the cops. Jeff Cowan himself may have in fact deceptively caused the Mary 21, 2017 emergency request to PSPD.  Mr. Cowan often loses his wallet, keys, and he does not take his psychiatric medication regularly.  

29613 Calle Tampico Restraining Order

May 26, 2017 Officers Aguilera, Smart and Cook issued Palm Springs Police Department event card 1705P-5188 in front of Chill in downtown Palm Springs. Cowan had been kicked out of Chill and was experiencing a psychotic episode while driving his white Mustang convertible barefoot in his jockey underwear:

The Palm Springs Crime Spree

palm springs police department report

April 24, 2017 Jeffrey Cowan exhibited the full underhandedness of his methods as master of the sucker punch. He stole his tenant’s laptop, motor vehicle, TV and other personal property in an effort to thwart the gay pedophile human trafficking operation known as the Palm Springs Mexican Boy Lover Club. Jeff Cowan, CPA is the financial mastermind behind John Herriot’s fake youth league baseball uniform business.

June 5, 2017 Cowan and his agent Danny (last name unknown) attacked a citizen investigator inside a residence allegedly owned by Cowan.  The Palm Springs Police Department ordered Cowan and his agents off the property.  Cowan has come into contact with at least eight (8) different uniformed PSPD officers.  Jeffrey Cowan is using the 911 emergency dispatch operator to harass and intimidate his tenants.  

The Palm Springs Police Department Wrote This Up But Never Followed Up

One of the purposes of this article is to facilitate the Palm Springs Police Department’s understanding of Jeffrey Robert Cowan’s constant contact with their agency.  Cowan has been telling different law enforcement officers different stories at different times. Cowan is misusing the 911 dispatch operator to further his criminal enterprise.  PSPD Officers Aguilera Smart, Cook, Gonzalez and Burton haven’t been able to properly respond to the community need for protection from John Herriot as a result of this overburdening of the 911 system.  

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Jeffrey Cowan needs to be locked up in order to prevent him from continuing his illegal conduct  

Cowan may also be calling the PSPD to misrepresent and report his tenant’s legal conduct as illegal. Cowan may be calling PSPD to report nudity on private property in the gay resort mecca of Palm Springs. The underhandedness of Jeffrey Cowan must not be underestimated.  Expect more stupid, illegal, dirty tricks from Jeffrey Robert Cowan, CPA:

2617 titan lane lake havasu city az

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.