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criminal jeff cowan resides at 2617 titan lane lake havasu city
Jeff Cowan Goldhammer
jeffrey cowan cpa

jeffrey cowan cpa

What Do Jeffrey Cowan CPA and Al Capone Have In Common?

Never rent a room from Jeff Cowan because he stole my car, flat screen TV and my laptop.  Mr. Cowan Goldhammer stole my personal possessions because this blog exposed his relationship with registered child sex offender John Herriot.  Cowan Goldhammer is the CPA for Herriot’s various criminal enterprises in California.  Now thanks to Mr. Cowan, Mr. Herriot also has a base in Arizona to operate from.  Jeffrey Cowan CPA and Al Capone both got busted for violent crime only after they were first investigated by the FBI for non-compliance with the United States Tax Code.  Human trafficking involves cash transactions and secretive accounting. Jeff Cowan is a man who knows all about secrets. Mr. Cowan is the accountant and financial planner behind the Palm Springs Mexican Boy Lover Club of gay nudist pedophiles.  Boy Lover Club founder John Herriot pays Cowan and others with cash, real property and automobiles.  Jeff Cowan recently paid cash with some of these ill gotten funds for his white Mustang convertible bearing California License Plate “JRC CPA”:

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Cowan Goldhammer is well known by local law enforcement

jeffrey cowan pspd reportCowan Goldhammer and Herriot ply the desert with sports cars and free little league baseball uniform samples to entice impoverished parents into selling their male children into sexual slavery.  The unsophisticated parents will claim ignorance or lack of language skills to avoid prosecution.  Cowan and Herriot are using the courts and the police to hinder or prevent investigation of their commercial human trafficking operation.  Jeffrey Cowan uses the 911 emergency dispatch operator to falsely report crimes to the Palm Springs Police Department.  PSPD are notoriously negligent and incompetent have been unwittingly assisting the Boy Lover Club to operate freely in the north end of Palm Springs, CA by doing Mr. Cowan’s dirty work.  PSPD Officers Aguilera and Smart were so impressed by Cowan’s Mustang that they let him drive around the desert in his underwear.  However Officer Aguilera has been known to open Mr. Cowan’s trunk for him and hand him a pair of shorts on occasion.  

jeffrey cowan cpa burglary reportJeffrey Cowan Goldhammer CPA Poses a Threat to the Community

Cowan and Herriot have the Palm Springs Police Department running around in circles by committing burglary and mayhem. Cowan and Herriot are using Danny Wellchance, and others to commit crime and other disruption of the Boy Lover Club investigation.  Cowan and Herriot are being assisted by Danny Wellchance, Paul Schneiderman, Roger Morris, Jeff Calvert, Esq., Rick Boehle, Drew Searing, PJ Escobar to circumvent Megan’s Law this July in Northern California.

Anthony Merker and Pablo Rivera, 26105 F, Frampton Ave., Harbor City, California 90710

Anthony Merker and Pablo Rivera, 26105 #F Frampton Avenue, Harbor City, CA 90710 are former tennants of Mr. Cowan Goldhammer and have made willful threats in this matter and are up and coming functionaries in Herriot’s boy trafficking operation. Merker and Rivera don’t really rate a blog of their own, however they are important to the investigation of child sexual predators in the desert. Why the hell would Tony Merker buy a retirement home in the Bronx? This seems a bit queer and worthy of further investigation. 

29613 Calle Tampico Restraining Order

26105 F Frampton Ave Harbor City CA former residence of criminal defendant Jeff Cowan Goldhammer, 2617 Titan Lane Lake Havasu City AZ currently in jail