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Jeffrey R Cowan Citizen Restraining Order

April 13, 2019 UPDATE |  Jeffrey R. Cowan has been restrained by the La Paloma Neighborhood Watch from having children under the age of 14 years at his parties.

Have you ever received an anonymous communication?  There is a good chance it came from Jeff Cowan because sending anonymous messages is his standard method of operation.  If you see JRC ask him if he has been taking his psychiatric medication regularly.  Cowan has been evicted from Racquet Club and is in Cathedral City now. Jeffrey R Cowan is hereby restrained from entering Camino Del Sol (CDS) without express written permission.  

In much the same manner as California Gov. Jerry Brown recently denied parole to Charles Manson follower Bruce Davis because of the unreasonable risk posed to the community, Jeffrey R Cowan must be denied access to private property in Palm Springs where he is known to require law enforcement presence.  

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child sex trafficking registration

Mr. Cowan is the main suspect in burglary, automobile theft, mail theft and other property crimes on the CDL property located at 200 East Racquet Club Road.   Cowan is also under investigation for his tax preparation and certified public accountancy work for registered child sexual predator John Herriot.  Jeffrey Cowan is also restrained from bringing his crime partners Danny Wellchhance, Tony (Anthony) Merker and Pablo Rivera onto the CDL property to threaten, assault and batter the residents of CDL. 

Mr. Cowan’s known associates Roger Morris, of Cathedral City and Tony Merker & Pablo Rivera of Harbor City, CA are hereby restrained from further use of the 911 emergency dispatch operator to deploy the Palm Springs Police Department for welfare checks upon Mr. Cowan at CDS.  All so-called “friends” of Jeff Cowan are prohibited from making misrepresentations to law enforcement officers on Mr. Cowan’s behalf.

Cowan is now associated with Mr. Steven Delacruz of Gardena, California and also Cat City.  

April 24, 2007 Jeffrey R Cowan and probably Danny Wellchhance stole a 2003 Nissan Sentra from CDS in Riverside County and the vehicle was recovered a few days later in San Bernardino County.  Mr. Cowan has betrayed the trust, safety and welfare of his CDS tenants with his unreasonable conduct.

Jeff Cowan is suspected of repeatedly calling the Palm Springs Police Department 911 emergency dispatch to report all manner of non-existent crimes at CDS.  Beginning in the Summer of 2016, Cowan or his agents, began reporting nudity on private property at CDS. Nudity is not against the law on private property in Palm Springs, however making misrepresentation to law enforcement is illegal. The duplicity and hypocrisy of Cowan are equaled only by his psychopathic lying and self-delusion.  Cowan has no respect for himself or others and even lacks all respect for his deceased family members.

parker stanbury llp client herriotThe only person Jeffrey Cowan seems to respect is convicted child sexual offender and Megan’s Law registrant John Karl Herriot.  Cowan is aiding and abetting Herriot by providing support and services in Palm Springs while Herriot is only registered on Megan’s Law at his West Hollywood address.  

Cowan has instilled fear and bad vibes at CDS by insisting that there are restraining orders and other prohibitions against legal conduct by his tenants at CDS. Therefore Jeffrey R Cowan must obtain written permission before entering private property in Palm Springs.  The purpose of writing this blog is to liberate Camino Del Sol from the harmful and dangerous effects of Jeffrey Cowan and John Herriot.  Herriot created a lie out of whole cloth that there is a judicial restraining order against Dean McAdams.  The only restraining orders in this matter are citizen restraining orders against gay human traffickers of male children under the age of 14 years. 

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29613 Calle Tampico Restraining Order

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